Cheapest Universities in Malaysia for International Students

Cheapest Universities in Malaysia for International Students

For international students seeking quality education in Malaysia without straining their finances, Malaysia offers a range of budget-friendly options. Among these, certain universities stand out as exceptional choices for those looking to minimize costs while maximizing educational value. These institutions provide a gateway to diverse programs, experienced faculty, and a vibrant academic atmosphere, all without the hefty price tag often associated with studying abroad. By choosing the Cheapest Universities in Malaysia for International Students and its economically priced universities, international students can embark on an educational journey that offers both excellence and financial prudence.

Tips for Aspiring International Students

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Malaysia generously extends a plethora of scholarships and financial aid opportunities to international students. Exploring these avenues can significantly alleviate the financial burden. Apply for Scholarships
Early Planning: Initiating the application process well in advance allows students to secure better deals on accommodation and travel expenses.
Cost of Living Analysis: Research and familiarize yourself with the cost of living in different Malaysian cities. Opting for a city with a lower cost of living can considerably reduce expenses.
Part-Time Work: Many Malaysian universities permit international students to engage in part-time work during their studies. This can supplement your income and provide practical experience.

Tuition Fees in Malaysian Universities

University tuition fees vary across institutions due to the prevalence of international branches and private colleges. Overall, pursuing education in the Cheapest Universities in Malaysia for International Students, Malaysia proves to be economically advantageous in comparison to numerous other countries.
Presently, the average annual tuition fee stands at approximately USD 3,900. Notably, the most esteemed public institution in the nation, the University of Malaya, charges a mere USD 1,650 per year.
Despite relatively higher program costs in Malaysia, they remain rational, considering the commensurate value offered. To illustrate, a bachelor's degree in computer sciences from Monash University's Malaysian branch amounts to USD 9,222 annually. Contrarily, pursuing the same degree at Monash University in Australia exceeds double the cost, reaching USD 23,000 per year.

Low-Cost Study in the Cheapest Universities in Malaysia for International Students

Despite considerable developments in Malaysia's higher education system, study costs remain significantly low. This favorable condition makes it extremely easy for international students to pursue academic pursuits at Malaysia's top universities while incurring little financial outlays. For example, a bachelor's degree at a UK university's main campus costs £13,470, yet pursuing the same degree at a Malaysian campus may cost less than £7,000.

The course content maintains identical standards, ensuring that the academic essence is preserved. Uniform applied assessment criteria and grading schemes govern both campuses, fostering a harmonized learning experience. Ultimately, the defining divergence lies in the cost factor, underscoring the financial benefits of choosing the Malaysian route.

List of Affordable Universities in Malaysia for International Students

UCSI University 

IMG_20210511_182644.jpg (720×360)
UCSI University has been opening its doors to learners since 1986. With a diverse array of faculties and institutes totaling 7, UCSI offers an expansive range of academic disciplines. At UCSI, education spans multiple disciplines, including business and information science, social science, applied science, liberal arts, engineering, technology, environment, medicine and health science, music, creative art and design, as well as hospitality and tourism. Hosting a student body of over 12,000, the university manages to maintain budget-conscious tuition fees for non-medical degrees. Remarkably, the journey to attaining a bachelor's degree commences at just RM 15,000 (equivalent to approximately USD 3,600), making quality education accessible without incurring undue financial strain.

Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) 

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Established in 2001 in the state of Perlis, Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) has grown to become a notable institution. With a presence spanning 30 locations across the state, it operates with one faculty and ten schools, all dedicated to engineering and technology.

For those pursuing a bachelor’s degree program taught in English at UniMAP, the tuition fees for the initial year fall within the range of USD 2,450 to USD 2,680. Beyond the first year, these costs decrease to under USD 2,000. Notably, these fees encompass accommodation within student residences, offering a comprehensive package to learners.

Open University Malaysia (OUM) 

Established in 2001, Open University Malaysia emerged as a private institution under the ownership of an alliance comprising 11 Malaysian public universities. Distinguished by its distinctive approach, the university primarily focuses on distance and e-learning, crafting remarkably flexible programs tailored to diverse schedules. While headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, its robust presence is fortified by an extensive network of 37 learning centers spanning Malaysia.

The institution comprises 5 faculties, encompassing over 80 programs that span a diverse array of disciplines including education and languages, science and technology, IT and multimedia communication, business and management, as well as applied and social sciences. Notably, OUM's fee structure is designed to be accessible, with tuition fees commencing as affordably as RM 1,530 (approximately USD 370) per semester for a Bachelor’s degree, coupled with a nominal 20% increment for international students. 

Tun Hussein Onn University of Malaysia 

IMG_20210601_161736.jpg (500×333)
Presenting itself as the third Malaysian university on our roster with commendably affordable tuition fees, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia holds a distinct position as an institution catering particularly to engineering and technology studies. With a modest annual starting tuition fee of RM 7,350, this university offers a budget-conscious avenue for pursuing educational aspirations. Established in 1993, it is anchored in the state of Johor.

Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia stands adorned with 8 faculties, each offering a diverse spectrum of programs. These encompass civil and environmental engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, technical engineering, as well as mechanical and manufacturing engineering. Additionally, the university extends its educational canvas to encompass technical and vocational education, computer science and information technology, technology management, and business, as well as applied science and technology. 

Here are some steps to get more affordable Studying in Malaysia: Apply 

1.    Research Scholarships and Grants: Explore scholarships and grants offered by the Malaysian government, universities, and external organizations. These can significantly reduce tuition and living expenses. 
2.    Part-Time Work: Look into part-time work opportunities available for international students. This can provide extra income to cover living expenses and lessen the financial burden.
3.    Choose Public Universities: Opt for public universities, as they generally have lower tuition fees compared to private institutions. Institutions like the University of Malaya offer quality education at an economical cost.
4.    Consider Branch Campuses: Many reputable foreign universities have branch campuses in Malaysia. These campuses often offer the same curriculum at a fraction of the cost of studying in the home country.
5.    Compare Costs: Research and compare tuition fees, cost of living, and other expenses in different cities and universities. Choosing a location with a lower cost of living can significantly reduce overall expenses.
6.    Shared Accommodation: Opt for shared accommodations with fellow students to split rent and utility costs. University dormitories or shared apartments can be more budget-friendly.
7.    Cook at Home: Prepare your meals at home rather than dining out frequently. This can save a substantial amount of money over time.
8.    Public Transportation: Utilize public transportation instead of private vehicles. It's often cheaper and more eco-friendly.
9.    Buy Used Textbooks: Instead of buying new textbooks, consider purchasing used or borrowing from the library. This can significantly reduce educational expenses.
10.    Financial Planning: Create a budget that outlines your monthly expenses and stick to it. This will help you manage your finances effectively and avoid overspending.
11.    Utilize Student Discounts: Many places offer student discounts, including public transportation, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Take advantage of these savings whenever possible.
12.    Avoid Unnecessary Expenses: Cut down on unnecessary expenses such as impulse shopping or frequent outings that can drain your funds.
13.    Apply for Work-Study Programs: Some universities offer work-study programs that allow you to work part-time on campus. These jobs can help you earn while studying.
14.    Maintain Good Academic Standing: Some scholarships are renewable based on your academic performance. Maintaining good grades could help you secure financial aid for subsequent years.
15.    Plan Ahead: Plan your course of study to minimize the number of additional semesters required. Graduating on time can save you money on tuition and living expenses.

Choosing to pursue higher education in Malaysia can be a financially wise decision for international students. The universities mentioned above exemplify the country's dedication to providing quality education at affordable rates. From the bustling city life of Kuala Lumpur to the serene landscapes of Borneo, Malaysia offers not only academic growth but also an enriching cultural experience. As you embark on this educational journey, keep in mind the diverse opportunities that Malaysia presents without straining your budget. 

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