Medical Engineering In Malaysia : Complete Guide For International Students

medical engineering in Malaysia

Study Medical Engineering Courses in  Malaysia

The expert program in Medical Engineering courses in Malaysia covers the expansive and interdisciplinary field of Medical Engineering, investigating the benefits and limits of the innovation utilized in clinical and preclinical applications. Understudies pick a specialization in Computer Science, Electronics or Physics, and further spend significant time in Biomechanics, Health Systems or Imaging. Experts with experience in both innovation and medication face tremendous professional openings.

Medical Engineering is a broad and interdisciplinary field. The programme is divided into three tracks to help students to choose a coherent study plan that fits their background knowledge and their aspirations. The tracks are Computer Science, Electronics, and Physics. In addition to the track, you will choose one of three specializations in different Medical Engineering application areas. These are Biomechanics, Health Systems, and Imaging.

Why should you study Medical Engineering in Malaysia?

With so numerous degree choices out there, here are some top reasons why you should consider Biomedical Engineering: 

Scientific reasoning abilities: A course in medical Engineering will assist you with learning to see and dissect things contrastingly by understanding the necessities of customers and patients in a special manner and making potential arrangements  Critical thinking abilities: It is nothing unexpected that an understudy in this field would be prepared to tackle issues identifying with science while looking out on results of clinical gear and endorsing the most appropriate one. 

Upgrade relational abilities: Figuring out how to impart well will be a vital part of your investigations in Biomedical Engineering since realizing how to manage various types of patients and partners is vital in this field


Medical Engineering

List of Medical Engineering Universities in Malaysia with courses

Universiti Kuala Lumpur Logo

Universiti Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Private Institution

What are the entry requirements for Medical Engineering in Malaysia?

General Entry Requirements:

  • A pass with credit in Bahasa Melayu/ Bahasa Malaysia at SPM level, and
  • A pass in Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM) with at least C grade (CGPA 2.00) in General Paper and C grade (CGPA 2.00) in any two of the taken subjects in the STPM, or
  • A pass in STAM Qualification for at least Jayyid level, or
  • A pass in Malaysian Matriculation Certificate / Foundation with a minimum CGPA of 2.00, or
  • Hold A-Level / International Baccalaureate / Australian Matriculation (Ausmat) Certificate, or
  • Hold Diploma / Equivalent recognized by the Malaysian government and approved by the University Senate or a pass in Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM) with at least C Grade (CGPA 2.00) in General Paper and C Grade (CGPA 2.00) in any two of the taken subject in the STPM, or
  • Hold Diploma Vokasional recognized by Malaysian government and approved by the University Senate, or
  • Attained a minimum Band 2 in Malaysian University English Test (MUET).

Special Requirements for the Programme

  • Comply to university general requirements, and
  • Comply to special requirements for the programme.
  • Do not have any physical disabilities.

Medical Engineering in Malaysia For International Students

General Entry Requirements:

  • A Senior High School Certificate/Senior Secondary School/other equivalent pre-university qualifications from government schools (with a period of at least 12 years of study from primary to higher secondary). Refer to for further details.
  • Participate in the bridging program organized by the university, and
  • Attained a minimum Band 3 in Malaysian University English Test (MUET)/ Band 5.5 in IELTS/ Score of 46 in TOEFL iBT.
  • Pass the Health requirements.

Duration of Medical Engineering in Malaysia

The duration differs from University to University but to complete a basic degree course in Medical Engineering, you will require 3-4 Years.

Fee Structure of the Medical Engineering degree in Malaysian University

The Fee also depends on the University you have chosen to study as well as the location of your University. However, below is an average Fee for studying Medical Engineering in Malaysia 

  • RM 50,000 to 90,000

What is Medical Engineering?

At the point when you enter any examination in engineering, you should have a solid interest in science and math in a way that permits you to take care of issues of a profoundly specialized nature. For a medical engineering alumni in Malaysia, you should add the existence of sciences and clinical information important to comprehend the structure of the issues on which you will work. 

Medical Engineering is the mix of engineering and medicines in which an expert in this field will work with different specialists, fundamental research facility researchers, doctors and attendants. A course in medical engineering would prepare understudies to plan and test new clinical gear, set up and keep up existing hardware, assess the security, productivity and adequacy of the hardware, research reports and some more. Solid relational abilities are fundamental and frequently the medical Engineer turns into the overall translator for such broadly taught people; the person who knows the language of both designing and medication

Universities List of  Medical Engineering in Malaysia

You can find the list below of the Universities offering Medical Engineering courses in Malaysia?

  • Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)
  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
  • Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
  • University of Cyberjaya 
  • Vision College 
  • University Of Nottingham Malaysia Campus & Many More


Is biomedical in demand in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the biomedical sciences field is rapidly advancing to meet the demands of the growing healthcare industry.

what is a medical engineering degree

It focuses primarily on improving healthcare by infusion of medical innovations like pacemakers, artificial hips, surgical robots, and even artificial organs.

What is the job of medical engineering?

One of the primary responsibilities of medical engineers is to design and develop medical solutions, so it's important that they have the creativity to develop innovative ideas for medical equipment and devices.

What is the highest salary for a medical engineer?

$134,000 Biomedical Engineer Salary

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