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(Last updated on : 01/01/2021)

Our privacy policy tells you about the personal information we collect from you, how we use it, and what your rights are. If we make any major changes to this policy, we’ll add an alert on this website, our social media channels, or contact you. If you are under the age of 13, you can take a look around our website, but you shouldn’t give us your personal information, as our services are for people aged 13 or over. If you've got any questions about our privacy policy, or how we use personal information, email or write to:

Who we are

Education Malaysia International Education Solutions -We manage international student applications to higher and further education in Malaysia. All personal information provided by you through this website is under the control of Tutelage Study, and we’re responsible for taking care of your personal information in line with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. This policy may refer to either organisation as Education Malaysia, ‘our’, ‘us’, or ‘we’, and our registered office is Education Malaysia, B-16, Sector 50, Gurgaon , Haryana.

Terms used in this policy

When explaining how we use your personal information, we use quite a few terms to describe our services. We try to use language that is easy to understand, and avoid legal terms. However, we’re required by law to include certain information in our privacy policy – here we explain what these terms mean:

  • Personal Data; Any data which relates directly to a living individual, e.g. name, IC or passport number or combination of information that can lead to identification including data in formats such as test data, audio, CCTV and still photographs.
  • Sensitive Personal Data; Personal data consisting of information regarding the physical or mental health or condition of a data subject, his political opinions, his religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature, the commission or alleged commission by him of any offence.

Your consent to use of your information including personal information

We will ask you to confirm your agreement (consent) by ticking a box in the Pay/Send section of your application. By ticking this box, we will consider that you accept the terms of the declaration set out below and the use of the Education Malaysia website and privacy policy; we cannot process your application unless you do so.


This summary gives you an overview of the main purpose for which we will use the information including personal information collected from you.

Purpose 1 – Managing your application to higher or further education, or attendance at a Education Malaysia event If you apply through Education Malaysia, or register to attend a Education Malaysia event, you’re accepting our terms and conditions, and entering into a contract with us. We’ll collect the personal information necessary to satisfy the purpose of this contract, such as personal information to allow course providers to make informed decisions on whether to offer a place on a course. This also covers personal information collected from other sources, such as referees, or examination and awarding bodies.

Purpose 2 – Sharing personal information with statutory bodies with responsibilities for the higher education sector, and to enable academic research into higher education.

We share personal information with universities to help them meet or demonstrate they are meeting, government aims or policies such as ‘widening participation’ initiatives, which require them to address discrepancies in the take up of higher education opportunities between different social groups. We also share personal information to enable academic research. We also publish a wide range of reports about our higher education admissions schemes.

We always try to share information in a way that does not identify individuals, such as by providing statistical information. Where personal information is provided in a way that allows individuals to be identified, it is done so under contractual terms, and not used to support decisions being made about individuals.

Purpose 3 – Sending information to unplaced applicants about available courses, display advertising, providing services to universities to help their admissions strategies, and producing commercial research.

If you apply through Education Malaysia and do not get a place, we may send you course and opportunity information on behalf of providers, unless you opt out of receiving this. If you have subscribed to other forms of social media or chat e.g. Twitter or Snapchat, Google etc., we may also use their remarketing features to support promotion of our services that you have shown an interest in. You can stop receiving these adverts by following the advice in ‘Direct marketing, accessing student products, and how to opt out’ section of this privacy policy.

We give analysis to providers, to help them understand and measure the success of their admissions procedures and improve them. We do not provide personal information that identifies individuals for this purpose. We also may provide statistical analysis to people or organisations undertaking research into the higher education sector.

Purpose 4 – Enhancing customer experience; We offer services that enhance customer experience, which people can opt in to. These include:

  • Receipt of information about education, careers, accommodation, and products and services that students might be interested in
  • Sharing contact details with third parties that may be able to offer advice and support with the application;

We will obtain a separate consent for these functions, in addition to the terms agreed to when applicants and others agree to the terms of service associated with the product.

Purpose 5 – In accordance with any legal or statutory requirements imposed on us by government agencies or requests for information from the police, immigration or other law enforcement body.

How we verify the information you provide

We may take any necessary steps to check with you and other parties, including universities, colleges and examination and awarding bodies whether the information you have provided is accurate or complete.

We have the right to cancel your application without refunding your application fee if we determine (having carried out any necessary checks), or have reasonable belief that your application contains false information.

If you have any reason to believe that information we hold about you is not true, complete or accurate you must tell us. If we need to verify your identity, we may use details in your application by making checks using any official, publicly available or commercially available identity checking services. If any adverse information is revealed about you we will let you know so that you have an opportunity to respond.

Misuse of credit or debit card

If you pay your application fee using a credit or debit card that you do not have permission to use, we will cancel your application. We may also cancel your application if your payment is not honoured, i.e. a bank or credit card provider refuses to pay us.

If we need more information about you

We, and the universities and colleges, may, at any time, ask you, to provide more information about your application. For example, we may need to see proof of:

  • your identity
  • your qualifications
  • your employment history

If we do not receive that information after a reasonable period of time and by a set date, or if the information is not satisfactory, we can cancel your application without giving you your application fee back.

If we make a mistake

We try to process applications and decisions efficiently and accurately. However, we are not responsible for any mistakes or delays, or any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of any mistakes or delays, which are due to the acts or omissions of universities or colleges or which are otherwise outside of our reasonable control.

What you can expect from the university or college when you receive an offer

When you receive an offer of a place from a university or college, they should also provide you with or make available to you, relevant information about course information and costs, such as tuition fees and any other relevant costs such as for field trips or specialist equipment required for the course, arrangements for making payments to the university or college, and their complaints-handling process, including your right to cancel should you change your mind. The university or college should also provide you with information about their terms, rules and regulations relating to student conduct, which explain your rights and obligations to the university or college and, likewise, their obligations to you as a student at their institution. You should read and understand this information before making a decision about an offer. If you do not receive the required information, or you wish to make a complaint, or if you are not clear about anything relating to your offer and the information provided, you should contact the university or college directly to ask for further advice.

If the course cannot be offered

If you become a student, under your contract with the university or college, they must do all they can to provide the educational services. If the university or college is unable to provide these services for any reason, they should do all they can to keep the disruption to your education to a minimum, for example, by offering you a place on a suitable alternative course or providing assistance to help you find a suitable alternative place elsewhere.

How we may use your personal information- when you make an application via Education Malaysia

When you agree to this declaration, by ticking a box to submit your application, you will be confirming that you understand and agree to how your personal information will be used, as explained in these terms and our privacy policy.

We limit access to the personal information contained within your application to educational establishments who participate in Education Malaysia admissions schemes, certain organisations who have statutory or regulatory responsibilities and to trusted, non-commercial organisations to enable research about higher education.

When you submit an application, Education Malaysia may use your personal information for the following purposes:

Collecting and using your personal information

When you apply to higher education, we may collect the personal information below.

If you register to submit an Application, we collect your username, chosen password, answers to security questions, your name, and email address, name, date of birth, contact details, communication preferences, gender, nationality, and permanent residence. We may ask for details of your education, qualifications, work experience, course choices, student finance options. When you pay the application fee, we’ll also collect your chosen payment details.

We may ask for your visa and passport details, so the course providers you’re applying to can check your identity and confirm you can study in Malaysia.

Undertaking research about the higher education sector – we’ll retain a copy of your application and use it, sometimes in combination with other information we hold, for producing statistical analysis and research in respect of Education Malaysia admissions schemes. Any statistical analysis reports published will not allow any individual to be identified.

Sharing your personal information

We may share your personal information with organisations or individuals, for the purposes listed below.

  • Supporting your application to higher education

    We share the personal information in your application with the providers in the Education Malaysia admissions scheme(s) you’re applying to, so they can consider your application. We share any results provided by the examination and awarding bodies at any point during the application cycle with the course providers you applied to. We may also liaise with them about your results

  • Managing your application to higher education

    We share personal information in your application with the universities and colleges that you have applied to, so that they can consider and process your application. This will also include sharing your results from the examination and awarding bodies with the universities and colleges where you hold offers.

    We may correspond with your examination board or awarding organisation about your results and we may undertake surveys they may commission on their behalf.

    We will, if appropriate, share information with relevant professional and regulatory bodies in connection with enquiries relating to your fitness to practise.

    We may share personal information with Malaysian Immigration and associated government agencies and relevant third parties in connection with verification procedures for your entry into Malaysia for study purposes.

  • Providing and enabling analysis and research about the higher education sector

    We will retain a copy of your application and use it, sometimes in combination with other information we hold for the purpose of producing statistical analysis and research in respect of the admissions schemes managed by Education Malaysia. Any statistical analysis reports published will not allow any individual to be identified.

    We may also share personal information with government or other bodies with responsibilities for the higher education sector, or others which develop and monitor the effectiveness of government policies for higher education:

  • Other uses of personal information

    Prevention and detection of crime - to prevent and detect crimes of any nature, we may share personal information we hold with relevant bodies, such as government departments, local authorities, law enforcement agencies, student finance bodies, examination and awarding bodies, professional bodies and other international admissions organisations.

    Surveys - we may send you surveys to ask for your opinions or to inform you about the development of Education Malaysia admissions services and admissions to higher education. Your responses will not be disclosed by us to anyone else in a manner that identifies you.

When you use our Website

Collecting your personal information

When you visit our website, we may collect your personal information, so we can contact you about your request or enquiry. This could include:

  • your name, contact details, and interests, if you register to receive a newsletter, updates about our services, or information from third parties.
  • your name and contact details, if you enter a competition. If you're one of the competition winners, we may publish your name on our website. If we need to collect more information from you, or share it with anyone, we’ll let you know when you enter the competition.
  • your application details and other personal information you provide when you use the live chat system. Please be aware that all content you write in the live chat screen (even if you later delete it before sending) can be viewed by the member of staff assisting you with your enquiry during the time you are chatting.
  • collecting your IP address when you visit our website, if you are the only person with access to your computer or device, and it can identify you. We may produce combined statistics about visitors to our website and website traffic patterns, answers to questions, content entered, and related website information. The information used for these purposes is aggregated (i.e. combined with other user data) and anonymised. It’s used to improve our website, and will not be shared in a way which identifies you.

Sharing your personal information

We may share your personal information with employees of Education Malaysia , or our suppliers who provide services to us, if this is necessary to progress or address your request/enquiry.

Prevention and detection of crime

We may share personal information with relevant statutory organisations, like the police, to support the prevention and detection of crime, and for child protection purposes.

Sharing personal data outside Malaysia

We may use technology suppliers that provide services located in countries outside Malaysia. Where we do so, we ensure any personal information is protected by the same standards that apply in Malaysia.

Direct marketing, accessing student products, and how to opt

If you register to attend a Education Malaysia event or apply to higher education, we may send you further information considered ‘direct marketing’ under data protection law.

If you register to attend a Education Malaysia event or apply through us, we will send you further information about our services, including our newsletters and information relevant to your application. We may send you information about courses if you find yourself unplaced, unless you opt out, in your application or subsequently. We may invite you to enter competitions or respond to surveys.

If you apply through any of our admissions schemes, or attend a Education Malaysia event, you’ll be asked to opt in to receive information from selected third parties about education, careers, and/or sponsorship opportunities, as well as information about commercial products, and services relevant to students, such as discounts related to travel, banking, magazines, insurance, health, and fitness.

We will not share your personal information with third parties who send you direct marketing, unless you provide specific consent for us to do so, separate from any consent about receiving information.

How to opt out of receiving further information

You can opt out of receiving this information at any time, by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ or ‘Update preferences’ links in our communications.

Social media and cookies

How we collect your personal information

If we engage with each other through social media, we may collect information contained in your posts or blogs, comments, likes, voting, web chat, video uploads, or private messaging functions, from any of the social media links available to you on this website.

How we share your personal information

Any personal information you choose to share could be accessed publicly, if you to share any content on this site, or on any of our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, or Google+). This includes disclosing personal information if you engage with Education Malaysia social media, such as posting comments on our Facebook page, voting for your favourite blogger, sending us a private message, uploading a video, or tweeting us.

We cannot be held responsible for any damaging actions or behaviours which may result, following your use of this, or any other related social media activity.

Social media acceptable use

When you engage with Education Malaysia on social media, such as our Facebook page or Twitter feed, comments you post are live as soon as you publish them. We do not check and approve them beforehand. We will remove inappropriate posts


We want to make sure we give you very clear information about the cookies we collect, how we use them, and how to disable them – read our cookies policy. We use cookies to provide users with the functionality contained in our website, and produce anonymous information to help analyse website traffic, usage, and behaviour. This helps us improve the visitor experience on our website, and ensure you receive relevant adverts when you use our website, and others.


To keep your application secure, we’ll provide you with a username and you’ll be asked to create a password. We also ask you to answer certain questions before we discuss your application with you. You can choose to nominate a representative to act on your behalf.

Do not give your Personal ID to anyone other than your nominated representative, if you choose to. Your password or security answers must not be given to anyone, even your nominated representative.

Retention of personal information

We retain your personal information in accordance with the PDPA 2010, which obliges us to keep it only for as long as is necessary. If we do not have any requirement to retain personal information for business, regulatory, or legal reasons, we will delete it.

Withdrawing consent

You can opt out of receiving further information and advice, by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ or ‘Update preferences’ links in the communications you receive from us. You can opt out of the direct contact service by changing your preferences, through the email sent to you asking you if you want to opt in.

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