Important Points Students Should Know Before Arrival To Malaysia

Important Points Students Should Know Before Arrival To Malaysia  Service

Pre Departure Support for international students

Pre Departure support for Malaysia

Malaysia is located at the equator and the neighbouring countries are Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei. A population of 30 million people with a multicultural environment such as Malays, Chinese, Indians, and other traditional groups living together in peace and harmony. Malaysia’s key attraction is its extreme difference which adds to the theme of Diversity. 

Their infrastructure gives a lot of contrasts too, from the Towering Skyscraper to houses built on stilts while there are many five star hotels which are just meters away from beautiful sites like A Formosa Fort that was built in 1511 at Melaka. The attraction of Petronas Twin Towers is known worldwide which is the tallest twin tower on the globe which has Shopping complexes and offices. 

The food culture of Malaysia is also very vast and has many varieties of choices, one can choose from. We also take care of Halal food for Muslim Students. Even though the Official religion of Malaysia is Islam while the constitution protects the freedom of religion. 

As Malay is the official language of the country, English is also spoken widely all around the country. The Capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. The time zone is eight hours ahead of GMT and 16 hours ahead of US standard time.  While you also Study hard in Malaysia, you also find time to enjoy this beautiful and serene country which can be your stepping stone to new success in your life. 

Important Notes for International Student before Arrival to Malaysia

  • 1. Send the duly completed Pre Departure application form to your Malaysian University 5 working days in advance.
  • 2. A penalty of a few USD may be imposed by your University if you do not inform 5 working days in advance OR if a student does not show up during pick-up time or does not inform the pick-up Officer of changes to the pick-up time.
  • 3. Students are strongly advised not to travel on non-pickups days, provided by your institution.
  • 4. Students should avoid arriving between 12 midnight and 7.00 am. Students arriving between these times will have to wait until 7.00 am before being picked up.
  • 5. Students and any accompanying person are allowed one (1) piece of baggage (Approximately 20kg) each. If this is exceeded, extra transport (taxi) charges may have to be paid. Students are requested to check with the airlines if they will be charged a penalty for luggage beyond the permissible weight.
  • 6. Students must not carry any perishable items (e.g. food) which will be confiscated by the airport authorities.
  • 7. Students must make payment for hostel accommodation prior to arrival.
  • 8. Accompanying family members - maximum 2 persons and students are requested to inform via email the names of the family members. As space may be limited for the transport, this information is VITAL for university airport pickup planning.
  • 9. Accompanying family members are advised to organize for their own lodging.
  • 10. Clearance of Immigration are done only for the subsequent airports.
    • a) KLIA: Kuala Lumpur International Airport
    • b) KLIA 2: Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2
    • c) SZB : Subang Abdul Aziz Shah Airport

Airport Pickup Guide for International students

Students are reminded that they CANNOT obtain immigration clearance on their own upon arrival. An authorized official from University will help them do so

You Must know a few things before departure to Malaysia for your further higher studies in Malaysia

Health Insurance for International students in Malaysia: Your University will help you to get Medical Insurance. You must have your insurance card when seeking treatment at any Panels GP Clinic.

  • Available Medical insurance cards-

  • AIA Insurance
  • Hong Leong Medical Takaful (HLMT)

* All info and insurance policies are subject to change by EMGS and partner Insurers. Please always refer to EMGS Insurance info.

The student should know Medical Benefits, Panel Clinics & Hospitals, and Insurance claim procedures before going for Medical Treatment

The climate in Malaysia:

Malaysia’s climate is mostly Tropical weather throughout the year. Temperatures vary from 21ºC (70ºF) to 32ºC (90ºF). The higher range of the country is colder with a temperature between 15°C (59°F) and 25°C (77°F). The Annual Rainfall also hits the country from the range of 2000mm to 2,500mm.

Currency in Malaysia:

The Currency Unit of the country is Ringgit Malaysia and is written as RM or MYR.
The exchange rate is flexible as per the foreign exchange rate. The available notes in the country are in the denominations of RM1, RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50, and RM100, and the coins are issued in 5,10, 20, 50 Cents denominations. Money exchange with foreign currency can be exchanged at any bank and or money changers.


Voltage is 220 - 240 Volt AC at 50 cycles per second. Malaysia uses standard 3-pin square plugs and sockets.

Type of clothing to wear:

Cotton fabric will be suitable for shirts, t-shirts, pants, jeans, long skirts, and knee-length skirts. Though casual clothes are acceptable around the country but not too revealing ones.

Telecommunications provider in Malaysia:

There are public booths around the city for making local calls using coins as well as international calls you can use the calling card of any Telecom Office.

The Telecommunication providers are:

  • DiGi
  • Maxis
  • Mobile
  • Celecom

International students are supposed to provide their passports for registration to get a new Sim card and they can also top-up from 7-eleven stores, petrol stations, and convenience stores.

Transportation in Malaysia:

The modes of public transportation are

  • 1. Buses
  • 2. Taxis
  • 3. Integrated Railway System such as:
    • Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
    • • Light Railway Transit (LRT) which consist of STAR LRT and PUTRA LRT
    • • Monorail
    • • KTM Komuter
    • • Express Rail Link (ERL) - Using a Touch N Go card, which is a prepaid top-up is the easiest. You can purchase this at any convenience store or transportation location.

For more information on transportation in Malaysia check the following websites:



Malaysia is known as one of the safest countries. The Security officers do advise not to hang around late outside. It is also advisable to step out in groups rather than being alone. The uniform police personnel wear blue and the Traffic Police wear White and Black. In case of any doubt, you can ask the police to produce their Identification card.

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