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Study Civil Engineering Course in Malaysia: Civil Engineering Fees, Top Universities, Admission

are you looking for Civil Engineering in Malaysia? Science, maths are a part of Engineering and innovation, which is concerned with building and utilization of motors, machines, and constructions. Specialists sort out how things work and discover viable ways for logical revelations. Structural Engineering is one of the designing orders other than mechanical, electrical, substance and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

The Pyramids of Giza, Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, and Taj Mahal standing tall and solid as landmarks are intriguing signs of human civilization and urbanization. 

Structural designing is a calling that has helped in building and rising above information with regards to how to assemble and establish a climate both protected and advantageous to live. As innovation develops, structural designers are profoundly interested in blending foundations.

It has four major fields as follows: 

  • Structural Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Transport Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering

One can work in private industry, government, construction & mining, marine and resort developments, also property and land development. Civil Engineers are an important part of the main needs and facilities of infrastructure.

What is Civil Engineering about in Malaysia?

Engineering, essentially, is a connection between science, maths, and innovation. It includes the utilization of physical science, math, design, machine framework, and so forth to make or enhance something. By applying logical, monetary, and numerical information, engineers work to configure, construct, keep up and improve a wide range of things, including structures, machines, electronic gadgets, frameworks and cycles.

Structural designing, a significant part of designing, manages development, plan, activity, and support of every fabricated climate. This incorporates significant foundations like roadways, spans, burrows, water frameworks, dams, railways, and air terminals. Periodically, considerate specialists and planners cooperate on certain ventures.

Entry requirement to study Civil Engineering in Malaysia

To effectively get induction into the Civil Engineering program, candidates should meet the base scholastic and passage level English language prerequisites. Nonetheless, prerequisites could change as indicated by foundations. We encourage you to allude to the organizations straightforwardly for additional subtleties.

Diploma in Civil Engineering:

SPM with a minimum of 5 passes in Science subjects (physics, maths, mathematics)   

Bachelor’s level in Civil Engineering:

  • Foundations / A levels in Science (physics, maths, mathematics)   
  • Pass 4 relevant subjects in STPM, including English
  • Admission into Year 2 upon completing a Diploma in an Engineering discipline

Master’s degree in Civil Engineering:

Completed any relevant Degree or any equivalent International Degree with a minimum  CGPA of 2.0

Doctorate (PhD):

Completed a relevant Masters's Degree from recognized Institutes or any equal International Institute.

English language requirements (minimum):

  • TOEFL score 55
  • IELTS score of 5
  • Kaplan iBT 61
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) 53
  • MUET Band 4 and above

Duration of Civil Engineering in Malaysia

The duration to study this course in Malaysia are as follows:

Study Levels Duration
Foundation/A levels 1 year
Diploma 2 years
Undergraduate Degree 3-4 years
Master’s Degree 2-3 years
PhD 1-2 years 

Tuition Fee to study civil engineering at Malaysian University

The fee differs from University to University, however below given fee structure is an approximate fee for the Malaysian Universities: 

Programme Estimated Civil Engineering Fees
Foundation/ A levels RM15,000 – RM 30,000
Bachelor’s Degree RM65,000 – RM190,000
Masters Degree  RM 75,000 – RM125,000
PhD RM 75,000 – RM125,000


How much does a Civil Engineer make in Malaysia?

There are various occupation opportunities for an Engineering major. The right work will be subject to your own abilities, inclinations and character.


Estimated monthly income

Project Engineer

RM 6,000

Hydraulic Design Technician 

RM 8,000

Geotechnical Engineer

RM 5,000

Maintenance Engineer

RM 6,000

Consulting Engineer

RM 5,000

What are the best Universities in Malaysia to study Civil Engineering?

The list below are to name a few:

What are the skills required in the field of Civil Engineering?

  1. Leadership :-  You're a forerunner in nature. Your ideas are your hit point and you make sure that you are confident and keen to details. 
  2. Critical Thinking:- Civil Engineers work a lot on research and development, that is why a critical mind is important for this field. You need to assess and evaluate the findings and solve critical issues.
  3. Organised and self-orientated :-  Student who has self-values and discipline, the people you study or work with trusts you and consulting.

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