Cost Of Living In Malaysia- Money And Cost

Cost Of Living In Malaysia- Money And Cost Service

University Accommodation For Internation Students

The students are more convenient to choose the accommodation either on-campus or off-campus. The halls of residence or the student's hostel come under the facility of on-campus accommodation and school-owned private apartments or houses come under the facility of off-campus accommodation. The required accommodations can be chosen at the time of accepting the curse offer from the university or College. The institutions offer fully-catered accommodation at a daily cost between USD 2.50 and USD 5.00 whereas the rest are self-catered.

When you are about to choose off-campus accommodation, the walking distance to school, furnishing, and the range of amenities must be referred.

Type of Accommodation

Monthly Rent in USD*

School Housing (Single Bedroom)

$80 – $300

School Housing (Shared Apartment)

$80 – $200

* The prices may differ based on the exchange rate, location, and availability.

Private Accommodations

Private accommodations In Malaysia, are divided into 3 types:

Landed Housing

The detached (bungalow), semi-detached, terrace houses are the Landed properties. This type of housing is more spacious when compared to high-rise properties.

Apartment / Flat

Apartments or flats that have 3 or 4 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and bathrooms are the high-rise property units with limited facilities available at low cost.


The condominium is a high-rise property designed and furnished exquisitely. The range is from 750sqf – 1400 sq ft and has a small living hall, kitchen,3-4 bedrooms, and bathrooms along with other amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, and security to ensure comfortable living.


Type of Accommodation

Monthly Rent in USD*

Rented Apartment (Individual)

$100 – $700

Rented Apartment (Shared)

$50 – 250

Condominium (Individual)

$150 – $2,000

Condominium (Shared)

$100 – $800

Renting Landed Property

$200 – $800

* Prices differ based on the exchange rate, location, and availability.

 The main advantage for the students studying in Malaysia is the affordable price. Kuala Lumpur is the second city named for the most affordable city offering a high quality of life. The living cost is also less which includes all the facilities for a personal lifestyle.

How expensive is housing and accommodation in Malaysia

The food is offered with satisfying servings at an economical price at USD 3 daily. 

There are food stalls or coffee shops available in local areas that offer food at 

USD 1-3 whereas the mid-range restaurants offer a sumptuous meal at USD 5-10.

The grocery shops are there to help in getting everyday items like meat and cheese, exotic spices, and dishwashing liquid at ease. There are a variety of cuisines available which is yet another benefit in Malaysia.


Malaysia offers extreme communication with interesting mobile phone packages that are highly competitive. The topmost players in Malaysia are Maxis Mobile, Digi, and Celcom which attract postpaid and prepaid plans to keep you connected always. The cost spent is USD 5-50 per month depending on the subscription and local free Wifi hotspots available over there.


The total cost for the services like washing, ironing, and dry-cleaning at self-service laundry shops is USD 15 in most areas. The cost of washing 10Kg clothes is lower to USD 3 and for a 30-min dryer cycle, it starts at USD 3 onwards. 

Medical Expenses

There are government hospitals, private medical centers, or GP clinics offering services at an affordable cost. It cost approximately USD 15 with the purchase of the relevant medication. The dedicated nurses and doctors are always helpful in providing services like minor illness, injuries and they offer one-off medication along with on-campus medical service. The student pass is obtained with the medical insurance for the International students in Malaysia and it helps in covering the medical expenses for the students over there. The students aged between 16 and 60 years are expected to pay USD 250 annually which covers nearly USD 10,000 with the availability of cheaper alternatives.

Daily Shopping

There are many supermarkets like Tesco, Giant, AEON Big, or NSK which offer wholesale products for the people. People are given more convenience with the scattered supermarkets as grocery shops throughout the neighborhoods.The markets provide 24 hours service by organizing fresh markets, local grocery shops, family mary, self-service, and sundry shops where you could shop products at a low cost. 

Kuala Lumpur is the best place for high street fashion and luxury brands. The malls like Suria KLCC and Pavilion KL are the best award-winning destinations.

Online shopping makes people feel more comfortable as the groceries are delivered at the doorstep on the day of order. This makes the consumer get the products at the lowest price but with high quality by offering more online deals. 

Opening a Bank AccountMoney is necessary for all human beings in this world. When people make their travel to other countries. There is the necessity of opening a bank account which helps in the online banking service offered at any place. It also helps to pay the fees for tuition and living house, to receive a salary, and also for the withdrawal of money at times of need through ATM centers. CIMB(Commerce International Merchant Bankers) and May Bank are the best local banks with lots of branching networks in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The other foreign banks like HSBC(Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited), Citibank, and Bank of China help International students. Malaysian Government makes the process of opening an account easy if you possess the required documents like student visa, passport, and identification proof of address with the cash deposit of MYR 250 (USD 60). The universities in Malaysia offer on-campus bank service by providing a letter of introduction from the university to get an account opened in your self-chosen bank.

Cost of Living Summary in Malaysia

How expensive is food and accommodation in Malaysia



1 L Milk = USD 1.60

1.5 L Soft Drink = USD 0.80

Lunch meal at the campus from USD 1.40

Lunch meal at Mamak restaurants from USD 1.80

McDonald`s Big Mac Burger = USD 2.20

A bowl of Wanton Noodle = USD 1.50


Mobile Pre-Paid Internet Plan

From USD 2.00 / month

Private Accommodation

From USD 50.00 (shared rented apartment)

Unlimited Home Internet

From USD 20.00 / month



A 10kg wash can be as low as USD 2.00



USD 20.00 – USD 30.00 / month



Movie Ticket – 2.50 USD

Hair Salon – 4.00 USD

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