6 Steps To Study In Malaysia- Application And Visa Guidance

6 Steps To Study In Malaysia- Application And Visa Guidance Service

STEP 1:Application

Processing Time: It takes 14 business days from the date of submission.

• A visa application can be initiated online with EMGS or delegate it to the university or an agent.

• The order of the documents is to be ensured.

• A student must complete all the examinations and competency tests to ensure the eligibility for a Malaysian student visa.

• Passports are to be ensured with the validity of at least 12 months.

• An application must be uploaded with compulsory medical screening reports and prepared documents, and certificates.

• The information provided must be very accurate.

• An initial payment is required for visa processing.

• The students will be notified in writing in case the visa application is refused.

 Required documents:

  • 1 passport size photograph
  • 1 passport size photographs with WHITE background (35mm x 45mm).
  • A copy of the data page of the Passport and pages with visa information.
  • A passport validity duration of 12 months is recommended.
  • Special Pass or Exit Stamp (if applicable)


Offer Letter

The application for a student visa in Malaysia requires a copy of an offer letter. Once the student has received a letter of acceptance/offer from a university/college, an online application form can be filled and submitted for the process of student visa.

Health Declaration Form

A copy of the health declaration form is required to fill up and submit for a student visa in Malaysia. A scanned copy of the health declaration form is to be uploaded in the case of an online application.

Academic certificates and transcripts

A student is required to provide copies of all academic records, certificates, or transcripts of studies undertaken previously. Additional entry requirements are required for some courses.


Personal Bond

All education institutions in Malaysia are insisted by The Immigration Department to sign a personal bond binding the University for a specified sum on behalf of the student. It is submitted once the student has arrived in Malaysia for the student endorsement. The institution will require the student to lodge the specified amount to comply with this requirement. The specified sum will be returned to the student upon completion or withdrawal of study in the institution on the condition that there is no violation of any provision of the Immigration laws of Malaysia.

No-Objection Certificate (NOC)

It is required if the student is from Sudan and the document must be applied by the institution that can be collected from the Sudanese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur by the representatives of that particular institution.

Letter Of Eligibility (LOE)

It is required if the student is from Iran and the institution must apply for an LOE for the student at the Iranian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. 

If the LOE application is approved then the embassy will provide the LOE details to EMGS directly. and the Institute representatives are not required to collect the LOE from the Iranian Embassy.


English Language Requirement

 English language competency must be good as most of the courses in Malaysian Universities are offered in English. English proficiency is a prerequisite for admission. The student must demonstrate an acceptable level of English language proficiency and upload the certificates as part of the application while applying for a Visa Approval Letter (VAL).

 Student Pass Application accepts the following results of  English Language tests.

• PTE - Academic (Pearson Test of English),

• IELTS (International English Language Testing System),

• Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL

• CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced),

• CPE (Cambridge English: Proficiency), and

• MUET (Malaysian University English Test)

STEP 2:Issuance of Visa Approval Letter (VAL)

The processing time of issuance of the visa approval letter is 14 business days from the date of submission.

  • An electronic Visa Approval Letter is issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia for all the approved applications.
  • The students must keep both one printed and one soft copy of the Visa Approval Letter that is accessible at all times as it is an important document required during the whole process.


STEP 3: Single Entry Visa (SEV)

It takes nearly 1 to 3 weeks of processing time for hard copy and 48 hours for e-Visa.

  • The students from qualifying countries can get visa-on-arrival (VOA) upon arrival at the Malaysian border.
  • The students from countries that require a pre-arrival visa must apply for a single entry visa (SEV) from their home country’s Malaysian embassy or consular office.
  • The students from visa-required countries can apply for an e-Visa which takes 48 hours to process. The visa-required countries are as follows.
  1. China
  2. India
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. Nepal
  5. Myanmar
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Pakistan
  8. Bhutan
  9. Serbia
  10. Montenegro.
  11. eVISA can be applied anywhere around the world except Malaysia and Singapore.

STEP 4: Departure to Malaysia

• The student must present a valid passport with an appropriate length of validity, Visa Approval Letter, and relevant paperwork at the immigration checkpoint at the Malaysian border.

• A hardcopy of the Visa Approval Letter is to be presented at the immigration checkpoint to receive the correct visa-on-arrival (VOA) stamp.

• If the students are from non-qualifying countries then previously-obtained SEV or e-Visa is to be presented by them with a Visa Approval Letter to avoid delay.

The following are the countries that acquire visa-on-arrival

Antigua & Barbuda Netherland, Australia, New Zealand, Bahamas Papua New Guinea, Barbados, Seychelles, Belize, Singapore, Botswana, Solomon Island, Brunei, South Africa, Canada, St Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, St Lucia, Fiji, St Marino, The Gambia, St Vincent, Grenadine, Grenada, Swaziland, Guyana, Switzerland, Ireland, Tanzania, Jamaica Tonga, Kenya Trinidad & Tobago, Kiribati, Gilbert Isl Tuvalu, Lesotho, Uganda, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom, Malawi, Vanuatu, Maldives, Western Samoa, Mauritius, Zaire, Namibia, Zambia, Nauru, Zimbabwe

STEP 5: Registration at Institution

• The students must look for a Point of Contact (POC) for the duration of studies to ensure the order of the documents.

• Any changes in address or emergency contacts are to be informed to the institution and EMGS.


STEP 6: Issuance of Student Pass and i-Kad 

It takes 10 business days for the issuance of the student pass.

• The photocopies of the ensured documents are recorded and it is preferred to keep a soft copy at a secure place.

• A student should ensure all the details while receiving the Student Pass and i-Kad before accepting as it takes a while to receive a new set.

• Once the students have received an i-Kad, they can safely lock up the passport and use it as proof of identification and study.

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