Know Yourself Well And Career Assessment

Know Yourself Well And Career Assessment

Jobs and Career in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country with strong commodity-based growth by manufacturing, finance, and other services. The overall economic growth is maintained at 4.7 by the services and manufacturing sectors with more stability and is projected by local authorities for their further development. Malaysia’s developed economy is the key factor in supporting people with more employment and business opportunities for thriving industries with more capabilities and infrastructure. Malaysia offers more jobs either to be part-time jobs, full-time employment, or internships along with further education. 


Malaysian Labour Market at a Glance.

Malaysia is a famous tourist destination and home to lots of dynamic industries. It is the major exporting country of natural and agricultural resources and rich in more precious natural resources. Petroleum and Palm oil is the most valuable resource found in Malaysia. The Malaysian country is an economic powerhouse offering attractive jobs that are always stable. This is because of the trust and confidence blown on us by banks and other investors from various countries.


Thriving Industries


Malaysia is known for its innovation in the financial sector, especially in Islamic banking and finance. This makes Malaysia rank first as per the score of Islamic Finance Development Indicator and stands second next to Saudi Arabia while comparing the size of banking assets. 

Palm Oil

 Malaysia is the world’s largest palm oil-exporting country. It exports oil products to countries like China, the EU, Pakistan, the US, and India to contribute to the global stage.


Oil, Gas, and Energy

The oil and gas energy sectors play a vital role in Malaysia’s economy as it contributes 20-30% of the country’s GDP. Malaysian Government works continuously in maintaining the level of global competency equal to the other global leaders by taking new initiatives in reinvigorating Malaysia’s O&G industry.



Malaysia is the largest exporter of electrical and electronic products with strong products like Globetronics, Green Packet, and others. The testament of 

Malaysian educational institutions are to cultivate top talent for the continuation of growth and strong innovations in manufacturing.

Automotive Industry

 The automotive industry is another key factor for an excellent economy with a total of 27vehicle producers and 640 manufacturers of those automotive components. It is the first country to have its automotive firm and stand 11th in the list of manufacturing cars from the beginning till the end. This sector provides more career prospects for the growth of the nation.



Working as a Student

Malaysia provides an excellent offer for the students to work while learning there. As education is the major priority to the students, they are allowed to work only in part-time jobs while learning, and the duration is 7 days for those who work in the semester holidays till the validity of the students passes. This can be done by applying through the educational institution. If students feel difficult for traveling then they have the opportunity to work on-campus. It helps to enhance the career with more advantage of adding your experience in your chosen field of an internship. And these internships are offered with a stipend so the efforts are compensated.

Graduating Soon

The career advisory office offers industry-specific advice and makes you connected with the latest job opportunities with reputable employers. They help the students in building a resume or CV and make plans for an interview strategy to prepare them for their future careers. Malaysia is a country with multiple branches offered for employers around the globe and so the job opportunities are available from local to international.

As a Fresh Graduate

The fresh graduates who are non-citizens aim to gain a secure job offer from the employer in Malaysia. The employer then permits you to work by successfully applying for a job with all the required documents. An ‘employment pass’ with the validity of a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 5 years and your passport with validity of at least 18 months must be ensured along with those documents. After the process gets over, you can work over there.


International companies in Malaysia have many expatriates and foreign workers throughout the country. An employer must obtain a permit application with the Malaysian local government. They then issue you with different Employment Passes or Temporary Employment Passes depending on your job and skills while obtaining a work permit. An instance of age and income is the most important thing to be noted while obtaining a work permit. The Malaysian government aims to attract talented people and retain them in their country. The skilled expatriates are offered with The Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T) which proves their ability in work and makes them live in Malaysia for a duration of 10 years. 


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