MUET Preparation, MUET Online Classes Fees In Malaysia

MUET Preparation, MUET Online Classes Fees In Malaysia Service

Malaysian University English Test Online Preparation : Education Malaysia

MUET or Malaysian University English Test is the entrance test given by the students who want to prepare for the study in Malaysia for their degree courses. This test is majorly used for admissions in Malaysian universities.MUET exam is recognized by the Malaysian Examination Council (MEC). MUET is accepted by Malaysian and Singapore Universities.
To appear in the MUET exam, the student has to complete matriculation, or foundation level or Diploma to get admission into the first-degree program at any Malaysian University.

MUET exam consists of four tests: Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading.MUET exam is held three times in a year. The Pre University students can register for the MUET exam at their educational institute whereas the private candidates can register through the website of MPM. The registration fee for the MUET exam is RM 101.

Education Malaysia helps you prepare for the entry-level exam MUET and provides you the MUET Online Coaching classes. This MUET online coaching Malaysia has a structured way to answer the paper components of an exam. We provide you with the practice papers for each component of the MUET exam.In MUET online preparation.

To achieve good scores in the MUET exam, go for the MUET online coaching classes in Malaysia.

At Education Malaysia:

MUET Online Coaching Classes include:

  • Understanding the MUET test format
  • What is scoring in MUET?
  • Strategies for Writing part of MUET
  • Techniques to crack Reading part of MUET
  • Tips for Speaking component of MUET
  • Strategies for Listening part of MUET
  • Improve Grey areas of every section of the MUET exam.
  • Learn Time management in MUET Online Coaching Class
  • Information about MUET test

What study MUET at Education Malaysia?

  • MUET Online Coaching Classes Malaysia will help you in improving your general English skills.
  • You will understand how to score better in MUET.
  • Get understanding about all the components of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
  • You will master Speaking skills in MUET Online Coaching Classes.
  • Get help in improving the vocabulary required in the MUET exam.
  • Score better in MUET.
Component Maximum Score Percentage of Overall Score
Listening 45 15%
Reading 120 40%
Writing 90 30%
Speaking 45 15%
TOTAL SCORE 300 100%

What will you achieve in MUET online coaching classes?

  • Interactive classes in small groups.
  • Individual classes are also available.
  • MUET online coaching is available.
  • Qualified faculty for MUET Online Coaching Classes.
  • Practice papers for extra help.
  • Practice on MUET listening of 30 minutes with three parts and 20 Qs types -  Information transfer,short answer type questions, MCQs.
  • Practice speaking for 30 minutes. Practice on both the tasks .Task 1 is the individual presentation in which you will get 2 minutes to prepare and 2 minutes to present.
  • Task 2: Practice on group discussion in which four candidates are present and every candidate has his own points and the allotted time is 10 minutes.
  • Practice MUET Reading online coaching for an exam of 1 hour and 30 minutes with 45 Multiple choice Questions on the basis of 6 articles of length of 200 to 700 words.
  • Practice in Muet Writing online coaching class for MUET Writing of 1 hour and 30 minutes with two sections A and B. Section A has a summary essay based on charts or graphs or table analysis of 150 - 200 words. Section B has a topic to write an essay of 350 words.
  • At the end of the course, you will take a MUET Mock Test. 
  • Contact for MUET online coaching classes in Malaysia
MUET Band (Score range) Description
(260 – 300)
Very fluent with hardly any grammatical errors. Very good ability in understanding the language and context. Very high ability to work in the language.
(220 – 259)
Fluent with few grammatical errors. Good ability in understanding the language and context. High ability to work in the language.
(180 – 219)
Generally fluent with occasional grammatical errors. Satisfactory ability in understanding of language and context. Satisfactory ability to work in the language.
(140 – 179)
Fairly fluent with frequent grammatical errors. Decent ability in understanding of language and context. Decent ability to work in the language.
(100 – 139)
Not fluent with very frequent grammatical errors. Limited ability in understanding the language and context. Limited ability to work in the language.
(Below 100)
Hardly able to use and work with the language. Very limited understanding of the language and context.

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