Life at Cyberjaya & Putrajaya

 Life at Cyberjaya & Putrajaya

Experience living in Malaysia's premier cybercity: a hub for ICT, multimedia and innovation, and the heart of R&D for advancing new technologies. Located close to the top MNC headquarters and in a beautifully green landscaped environment, UNIMY is a truly ideal tertiary campus for balancing between studies and lifestyle.

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Cyberjaya is a self-contained intelligent city with world-class ICT infrastructure, low-density urban enterprise, as well as state-of-the-art commercial, residential, enterprise and institutional developments.

The planning was made in such a way to provide comprehensive infrastructure with principal emphasis on its enterprise and office development as the catalyst for the growth of ICT enterprises and the multimedia industry.

?Today, Cyberjaya is home to many multinational companies such as Shell, HP, Ericsson, BMW, HSBC, DHL and many more. The township also provides a conducive living environment with convenient amenities such as hotels, recreation centres, community club-houses and more.


Putrajaya is a planned city, located 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur that serves as the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. It is easily accessible via major highways, with direct access to major cities via Putrajaya Sentral. Its centrepiece is a 650-hectare, man-made lake that stretches across the urban area. Putrajaya has excellent facilities, modern infrastructure and good transport links. It is located in the Multimedia Corridor, which enables it to benefit from highly efficient broadband IT network, offering a very attractive living and studying environment for the vibrant student population that is steadily growing in the city.

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