Why You Need to Choose UNIRAZAK

Why You Need to Choose UNIRAZAK

It has been more than a year that the world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic.

As experts continue to find answers and solutions to this issue, the very last thing you should do is put your future on pause in this time of uncertainty.

Not waiting for things to change, UNIRAZAK is taking proactive actions to make certain that future generations do not need to put a pause on their educational pursuit towards success.

Here are 5 reasons why choosing UNIRAZAK as the place for you to pursue your studies is the best thing you could do during this pandemic. 

U Rock like UROX

Traditional learning is now out of the question and everything must go online. In order to adapt to the new normal, everyone in the education sector is working hard to figure out the best ways to ensure every student’s education journey is efficient.

Meanwhile, UNIRAZAK has always been ready to cater to the industry’s growing demand by prepping our graduates to be future-ready.

With that purpose in mind, UROX was long established as our online learning platform as a practical step to adapt Razakians to the Age of Information and ensure that online teaching and learning can be more exciting, stimulating and engaging for both students and teachers. UROX is backed by a dedicated team that works continuously to ensure the system’s effectiveness and efficiency from time to time as well as filled with effective functional learning materials prepared by their quality teaching staff.

By integrating with a well-known learning management system; Canvas that is now used by more than 3000 universities and institutions, UROX is created for easy navigation and to be user-friendly as it is accessible through web browsers or downloadable on any mobile device.

Just like that, your education can commence immediately anywhere around the world in the safety and sanctity of your own space. 

The foundation of life should be FREE

UNIRAZAK believes that everyone deserves exposure to good education and during these hard times everywhere around the world, great opportunities are rare to come by.

UNIRAZAK hopes to change that by offering a once in a lifetime chance. As you further your higher education with UNIRAZAK, your Foundation Programme’s fee is exempted, hoping that the free startup will relieve you and your family from financial burden.

With classes conducted online, you can stay safe at home and focus on completing your studies throughout the pandemic. 

PNB BUDI Scholarship

For less fortunate students looking to pursue Professional Accounting courses, PNB BUDI offers a scholarship right here at UNIRAZAK. 

The PNB BUDI – UNIRAZAK Scholarship Programme is a prestigious award that offers opportunities for bright and high-achieving Asnaf or B40-category Malaysians to become Chartered Accountant.

Successful candidates will undergo a five-year Foundation + Bachelor + CPA Australia programme at UNIRAZAK. With the scholarship, graduates are qualified as accounting and finance experts certified by an internationally recognised professional body that opens more possibilities for their continuous success.

Gain as many skills as you can

With the unexpected effects to our economy, social development and national growth caused by the pandemic, a much more flexible higher education framework is necessary now more than ever.

Thanks to Malaysians Qualifications Agency, UNIRAZAK is now able to offer you a more non traditional learning method with lower cost and lesser time commitment required.

In just less than a year, you can now earn digital badges or micro-certifications that can provide you with the upper-hand you need to stand out in today’s crowded job market.

This programme is open to high school students, college and university students, postgraduates as well as working professionals who are seeking to elevate their career. 

The 5-Star Rank

After much effort put by many individuals at UNIRAZAK to ensure the students are provided with expert teaching staff and proper learning tools, UNIRAZAK has been accorded by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia for 2018/19 with a 5-Star Setara rating that was designed to recognise the strength in diversity, as well as the strength in each core function of individual higher education institution.

This goes to prove that UNIRAZAK is more than prepared to bring their students towards continuous success despite the pandemic. 

There are many other reasons why UNIRAZAK would be the best university for you to further your studies, especially in these uncertain times. You should not wait for things to change. You must be part of the change. Be part of UNIRAZAK.


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