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Study Architecture & Construction in Malaysia- Fees, Admission, Top Universities & Colleges

A career in Architecture and Construction is all about planning, managing, building, and maintaining and the built environment. Everything you see around like your home, school, or the mall around your neighbourhood. A team of people planned and made all these possibilities before they existed. Architecture and construction workers are responsible for the details of designing, constructing, and furnishing these buildings.

So here the Architects design the building, civil engineers to help ensure the building is feasible, the cost estimators ensuring that the project stays financially manageable and the construction worker helps in building them. Then the job is completed by the team of carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians and equipment installers to make the building suitable for its use for working, resting and playing.

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Why study Architecture and Construction in Malaysia?

The most seeking programme in Malaysia has always been Architecture and Construction. For many national and international students dreaming of becoming an architect and as their passion might come from the endless list of inspiring local Architecture that is around Malaysian landscapes.

The course study of Architecture and Construction centres more on the idea of the concept of the design on paper, whereas getting life to that design in the paper is the work of the construction department of a Civil Engineer. When Art and Construction work for hand in hand which involves planning, surveying, construction until they finish the decor of the building.

What are the branches of Architecture and Construction in Malaysian universities?

The branches to study Architecture and Construction course in Malaysian University are as follows: 

Best Architecture Universities in Malaysia-

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Planning
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Architectural History
  • Interior Architecture
  • Industrial Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Design

Top Construction Universities-

  • Research Methodology
  • Value Management
  • Risk Management and Construction*
  • Advanced Construction Technology
  • Concrete Technology*
  • Management Theory and Organisational Behavior
  • The Economic of Construction Industry*
  • Construction Management
  • Financial Management

Where to Study Architecture and Construction in Malaysia?

  • Alfa College - Selangor
  • City University College of Science and Technology -Selangor
  • Heriot-Watt University Malaysia- Putrajaya
  • Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) -Selangor
  • Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

List of Architecture and Construction Universities in Malaysia with courses

City University Logo

City University

Selangor Private Institution Reviews: 4.9/5
Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur Logo

Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur

Selangor Private Institution Reviews: 4.9/5
International Islamic University of Malaysia Logo

International Islamic University of Malaysia

Selangor Public Institution Reviews: 4.9/5
Kolej Antarabangsa Greencity Logo

Kolej Antarabangsa Greencity

Kuala Lumpur Private Institution Reviews: 4.9/5
Lincoln University College Logo

Lincoln University College

Kelantan Private Institution Reviews: 4.9/5

What is the duration of studying Architecture and Construction in Malaysia?

The duration to study Architecture and Construction in Malaysia is 18-48 months.

How long is an architecture degree?

Normally, it takes approximately 3 years to obtain a fully accredited degree in Architecture. As for the master's degree, it usually takes between 1-3 years.

However, in order to become a practising architect, you need to acquire additional qualifications as described below.

What is the Entry requirement to graduate from the University of Malaysia in Architecture and Construction?

The eligibility criteria to complete your degree course in Architecture and Construction in Malaysia is as below:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or any related field from any Malaysian government-accredited institution with a CGPA of 2.75 and above.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree with a CGPA of 2.5 and above may apply to the program pending internal assessment by the faculty.
  • Other equivalent qualifications approved by the Senate of IUKL.
  • For local applicants, sufficient mastery of the English language to satisfactorily complete the course.
  • International applicants who originate from a country where English is the native language; OR are required to have a minimum score of TOEFL 550 OR IELTS 6.0.; OR have attained a degree from a university where the medium of instruction is in English

Each university has different entry requirements and the list below does not generalise the entry requirement of universities in Malaysia as a whole.

SPM A pass in SPM / O-Level or equivalent with 5 credits including English and Mathematics with a pass in Bahasa Melayu and History in SPM
English IELTS (minimum 5.5 - 6.0 overall), TOEFL (minimum 550 or 80)
A Level Min. CDD or equivalent of min. 200 points
International Baccalaureate Diploma 3 subjects at grade 5 at Higher Level and 3 subjects at grade 4 at Standard Level
UEC Pass with min. 5Bs including English and Mathematics
Diploma or Foundation Min. CGPA 2.67
Canadian Pre-U Min. average of 65% in 6 subjects
Additional Prerequisites Pass School of Architecture, Building and Design Aptitude Assessment (for some universities)
Supporting Document Design and art portfolio
Bachelor’s Degree Minimum CGPA of 2.5 - 3.0
Board of Architectures Malaysia Must obtain LAM Part 1 exemption or recognition prior to joining the programme
Working Experience Min. 6 months (vary on the universities)
English IELTS (minimum 6.5 - 7.0 overall), TOEFL (minimum 650 or 98)
Additional Prerequisites Pass interview which includes a review of Design Portfolio and Personal Statement (for some universities)
Supporting Documents Recommendation letter, updated CV and design & art portfolio

Entry qualification may vary depending on the university, hence you should check the admission criteria from the university you are applying for admission.

Fees Structure to study Architecture and Construction in Malaysian University

The approx fee range are as follows, however, you need to know that this might differ from  University to University as well as the location you choose to do your programme from:

Malaysian Students:

  • Tuition Fees RM28,800.00
  • Deposit (Refundable) RM300.00
  • Insurance RM70.00/year
  • Total Fees (Approximate) RM29,200.00

International Students:

  • Tuition Fees RM29,280.00
  • Caution Fee (Refundable) RM1,500.00
  • International Student Administrative Fee RM4,200.00
  • Medical Insurance RM500.00/year
  • Visa Processing RM360.00/year
  • Medical Examination RM250.00/year
  • Total Fees (Approximate) RM36,100.00

How much does it cost to study Architecture in Malaysia?

The cost of studying Architecture in Malaysia is much more economical as compared to other countries. The cost of architecture programmes may vary for each qualification level and from one university to the other. Below are the estimated fees for each programme.

Programme Estimated Fees
Diploma RM 17,000 - RM 54,000
Bachelor’s Degree RM 73,000 - RM 314, 000
Master’s Degree RM 26,000 - RM 71,000

The fee above only covers the tuition fee and not other additional fees nor living expenses.

Careers in architecture and construction

Careers in architecture and construction are all about designing, planning, managing, building, and maintaining the built environment. Take a moment to think about your home, school, or neighborhood mall. Before they existed, a team of people made up mainly of architecture and construction workers was responsible for the details of designing, constructing, and equipping these buildings. There would have been architects who designed the look of the building, civil engineers to help ensure the building was feasible, cost estimators to ensure the project stayed economically viable, and construction workers to build it. Then, a team of carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, and equipment installers to finish the job and make the building suitable for work, rest, and play!

10 recognized Universities offering Architecture courses in Malaysia

Now that you have more knowledge about studying architecture in Malaysia, below are ten recognised institutions offering architecture in Malaysia.

Each university offers a different LAM recognition level, therefore be sure to do your research on which recognition level that each university offers.

FAQs ABOUT Architecture and Construction

What to expect from a degree in Architecture and Construction course in Malaysia?

Architecture and Construction Degree in Malaysia will teach every candidate how a beam works to how accurately a drawing in 3D designs can be done, both by using computer programs as well as by hand. Students who want to study Architecture and Construction courses from Malaysia are also taught history, theory, technology and computer-aided design tutorials as well


What are the skills one requires to study Architecture and Construction in Malaysian University?

There are much different skill one can possess to complete this degree, however, we have listed a few below for your response:

i. Hands-on problem solving skill 

ii. Budgeting and Costing skill 

iii. Creating highly detailed drawings and plans. 

iv. Working with a team or individually 

v. Knowledge of latest designs and the rules and regulations

vi. Organisation and Project Management Skills


What can you do with an Architecture and Construction Degree ?

If you are planning on graduating as an architect then make sure to practice directly in search of work experience. You can look up for architectural, designing, or construction firms where you can approach them. Many companies do offer internships as well during your summer break. 

You can also lookup for freelancing of Landscape designing, the built environment, and other design practices which should give you good opportunities and experiences. A daily practice of your drawing and model making skills will keep you in the loop as well as you will be up to date with the current trends in the industry.


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