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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I need apply to study in Malaysia ?

    It is recommended that you enroll all your applications three months before the student application timelines, even though the application is accepted throughout the year among the Malaysian Universities. 

  • How will I know if my application is successful ?

    You will be informed via email about the status of your application as soon as it is changed to “OFFER” from one of the institutions you have applied to. 

  • How do I reply to my offer?

    You can communicate via email with the University you have selected for your futher studies about Acceptence or Rejection of your offer letter. Please note that your offer letter is valid from three to six months from the date it has been offered. 



  • If I receive an offer, Can I defer my enrollment?

    The institution or the university can give you the correct information as it is at their discretion. 


  • Can I accept more than one offer?

    As per the terms and conditions of Education Malaysia, you cannot accept more than 1 offer. Upon the acceptance of an offer, the other offers will be closed.

  • What are the main requirements to study in Malaysia?

    The most important and only thing the student needs to do is to complete the student application form of the course study they have selected to pursue and return the form  to the university of their choice. It is a pretty hassle-free process. The documents to apply in Malaysian Universities are as:

    • Letter of recommendation
    • Examination records of previous universities
    • Valid passport with all pages
    • Identity proof
    • Medical health record
    • Accommodation form (if accommodation is needed)
    • Application fees (varies from university to university)
  • What is the language of instruction in Malaysian Universities ?

    Most of the Universities offer courses in English, it is a widely used language in Malaysia. 

  • What is the average tuition fees in Malaysia?

    The tuition fees depend on the programme and the university you select. We can help you out to plan your budget and guide you universities as per your budget too. 

  • Can I work while studying in Malaysia?

    Only during semester break or holidays of more than seven days, an international student who is studying at a Public or Private university can work for 20 hrs per week. You can opt to work in a restaurant, petrol kiosks, mini markets and hotels as long as your student passes remain valid. Also you need to remember that approval from the department of immigration is required. 



  • Can I study part time ?

    As per the Malaysian government , an International student can only enroll for a full time course unless they are opting for Mobility Programmes. In case you want to  pursue your hobbies and other interests then you need to know that students often get ample time in between lectures to do the same. Travels are also made easy, so in between you can also take a short holiday which is a luxury everyone can afford. 


  • Can I pursue two degrees at the same time?

    No, Only one full time degree is allowed to study at a time. 

  • Does every International student need a student pass to study in Malaysia?

    Yes, this is a mandatory requirement under the laws and regulations of the government of Malaysia.

  • Does every International student need a student pass to study in Malaysia?

    Yes, this is a mandatory requirement under the laws and regulations of the government of Malaysia?

  • Can I apply for a student pass directly or do I have to apply through my chosen educational institutions?

                 Depending on the university you have selected you will have 2 options to do this. 

    i) Apply for your Visa online- Candidates who have received offer letters from Public Universities and Private Higher Education Institutions (IPTS) will be able to apply for their student visa directly through Education Malaysia website. 

    ii) Apply for your visa through your institution- Once the payment and all required documents are submitted to the university, the university will begin the process of applying for your Visa Approval Letter (VAL) 


  • When should I apply for my student pass?

    Every University and every course has a different date of intake, please let us guide you with the recommended application submission dates, fees as well as document requirements. 

  • If my student pass application is rejected, can I get a refund for the application processing fee?

    No, the student pass application processing fee is non-refundable.

  • If I cancel my application, am I entitled to a refund?

    Refunds are only processed under certain terms & conditions.

  • At the end of my degree, can I get admission into another education institution for another degree programme?

    Yes, but your current student pass would need to be cancelled by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. You will need to request for a release letter from your current university and an offer letter from the new university you want to enroll in will be required in order to process a new student pass. 


  • How many times can a student change their institution or course?

    A candidate can only change university or a course twice , third time it will get rejected. 



  • Do I need to exit the country if I want to change my institute/ Course?

    At the time of the application  the type of pass to change your institute or course will decide whether you will need to exit the country or not. For further information please get in touch with us through email or a call. 


  • Is the MBBS in Malaysia recognized by MCI?

    Yes, It is recognised by MCI. However the students have to clear the screening test in India to practice in India

  • How is MBBS in Malaysia for international (specifically, Indian) students?

    MBBS is one of the most desired course among candidates worldwide. There are many benefits to study MBBS in Malaysia, few given below:

    Established and top notch quality education system.

    Quality Lifestyle.

    Low cost education and living in Malaysia.

    Easy process of immigration procedures.  

    The safest and comfortable country to live in. 

    Multicultural Environment and Food

    Beautiful destinations around to travel.

    Learn different languages from friendly different cultural peoplpe living all around the country. 

  • Why study MBBS in Malaysia for Indian students?

             Advantages to choose Malaysia as your higher education study country are below:

    • Most of the Indian Students prefer to study MBBS in Malaysia
    • One of the most popular and top ranked Universities are placed in Malaysia.
    • Universities in Malaysia for MBBS is recognised by WHO, UNESCO and MCI
  • What is the process of doing MBBS in Malaysia?

    Let us help you with the process of studying MBBS in Malaysia

    The Universities in Malaysia are recognised by WHO, UNESCO and MCI.

    Majorly all Indian students prefer Malaysia to study MBBS.

    Top Notch Universities

    Education Malaysia help you with the entire process from selection of university, budgeting , admission, visa and pre and post arrival to Malaysia

    Ultra modern Infrastructure, Fully equipped Laboratories, futuristic campuses. 

    Multi bedded hospitals for your clinical practices and exclusive exposures. 

    Economical and comfortable living and education.

    Admission procedure:

    Step 1: Application process

    Step 2: Invitation process

    Step 3: Visa process(Includes attestation of document, translation, visa fees, Confirmation fee,and insurance.)

    Documents Required:

    Valid passport

    10th & 12th marksheet / Certificate

    NEET Score

    State and central legalization and Translation of all the documents

    Original Invitation letter from ministry of Malaysia and Medical insurance

    Air ticket and attestation of all the documents

    Get admissions at one of the top universities in Malaysia by enrolling at


  • What are the English language requirements?

    English language requirement varies from one to another University as well as the course levels. 

    For an undergraduate level the IELTS score of 6.0 for undergraduate programmes and 6.5 to 7.0 is usually considered adequate for post graduate programmes. Candidates are advised to contact the university they plan to enroll in for more information regarding language requirements. 


  • Can I find a job in Malaysia after my studies?

    The opportunities are extremely limited in particular roles and industry.  Research and Development in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology are the fields where you can get a job easily. 

    You can get in touch with our dedicated team for more information by emailing them at


  • Which are the Top Universities in Malaysia?

    The top Universities in Malaysia are renowned worldwide and it is known to be one of the best universities in Malaysia which offers different courses in technology, music, medicine and literature. 

    Browse our list of Top Universities in Malaysia. 

  • What are the Syllabus Of MBBS In Malaysian Medical School?

    MBBS in Malaysian Medical Schools are as same as most of the Asian Countries. The syllabus is based on pre-clinical, para clinical, and clinical subjects. Few subjects which are commonly used are. 

    • Human Anatomy
    •  Biochemistry
    •  Genetics
    • Pharmacology
    •  Internal Medicine Immunology
    • Surgery
    •  Paediatric
    •  Obstetrics & Gynecology
    • Psychiatry
    •  Pathology
    •  Pharmacology
    •   Radiology
    •   Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
    •   Microbiology
    •   Cardiovascular System
    •  Dermatology
    • Urinary System
    • Respiratory System
    •  Cardiology
    •  Orthopedic
    • Neurology and many more

    The study pattern changes within all different Medical schools. 

  • What is admission deadline for MBBS in Malaysia?

    Different Universities have different intake for MBBS, ususally the inatakes happens in the month of February, April/May and September/October.  However, it may vary according to the university you want to apply for. Education Malaysia can guide you with right and timely information. Feel free to call us and or email us at 

  • Is MBBS Degree From Malaysia valid in India ?

    Yes, MBBS Degree from Malaysia is valid and recognised in India. They can practice or work as a doctor in India once the candidates give the MCI Screening Test. 

  • Can Students Persue Housemanship or Internship from India after completion a MBBS Course from Malaysia ?

    Yes, after a candidate completes the MBBS Course from Malaysia they have a choice to return to India and get into an Internship programme in India , once they complete the MCI Screening Test. 

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