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  • What is the cost of living in Malaysia?

    The cost of living for a International student in Malaysia can be Within a budget of USD 5,000 per year an International student can live comfortably on campus or off campus. 

  • Is my welfare being taken care of ?

    The International offices and International student associations at each university will support them in adjusting their new life in Malaysia. They will guide you through every step, from financial planning to safety and finding the right accommodation etc. 

  • What is the weather like in Malaysia ?

    The weather is never too hot and temperatures range from a mild 20°C to 30°C average throughout the year even though Malaysia has the best tropical weather year round however due to water all around the country the weather is quite humid. 

    If you are from a cold country then Malaysia is the best place to study. The sunny climate keeps the students on their toes. The rain and sun balance the heat. This makes Malaysia an evergreen country. 

    In general, the average temperature in Malaysia is 28°C and the coldest is 27°C throughout the year. You’ll still want to pack an umbrella or waterproof though as spontaneous tropical rain showers hit Peninsular Malaysia between the months of April and October.


  • Am I eligible for Scholarships?

    Scholarships for students from foreign countries are limited and it varies from University to University for more information on scholarships. 

  • How is an International Student’s life in Malaysia?

    As Malaysia has been ranked as the world’s nineteenth most Steady and Secure in political end as well as it is known as the disaster-free country and minimum to none crime. 

    International students in Malaysia are known to be living a pleasant life and in a healthy nature living makes it more better than many other Asian Countries. With modest accommodations, amazing transportation and many part time job openings, Malaysia is engaged as one of the hidden spots for international students seeking a smart approach to higher studies


  • What are the Transportation facilities available in Malaysia for Students ?.

    The government of Malaysia has well planned for the students of Malaysia. The transportation is one the part of it - Cab, Taxi, Buses, Metro, Trains, Bikes etc. 

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