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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have lost my iKad, what must I do?

    You should report to the police immediately. A copy of a police report should be submitted at your university and inform them to process a new iKad. Please remember that there will be a fee charged for the issuance of a new iKad. 


  • Do I need an entry visa to Malaysia?

    Yes, you will require a visa to enter into Malaysia, however, some countries are free from this requirement. You can always check with the nearest Malaysian Embassy. 

  • How long will it take me to get a Visa Approval Letter (VAL)?

    As the Visa Approval Letter is given by the immigration department, it takes 14 working days once they receive the complete application and payment, though it is at the discretion of the immigration department.

  • How does one get an entry Visa into Malaysia?

    To acquire an entry visa , you will need to visit the nearest Malaysian Embassy in your home country , with the required documents like the offer letter from the Malaysian Education University, The VAL sent by the Immigration department of Malaysia and all other required documents and form duly filled and the proof of the payment as requested by the Malaysian Embassy for the application of an entry Visa. 

  • What are the documents required to apply for a student pass?

    You will need to check with your university directly for the submission of a complete set of required documents. In case you plan to make an online application you will be able to upload your 

    • Offer Letter
    • Passport Pages
    • Passport photo
    • Academic Transcripts
    • Medical Examination Report
  • What is a Student Pass?

    It is a Multiple entry Visa which gives you permission to remain in Malaysia for the purpose of study from the University of your choice as well as on an approved course.

  • What is the validity of a student pass?

    Students have the option to apply for a Student Pass that covers the entire duration of their course (subject to sufficient passport validity) who are making new applications to Public & Private Universities. You can renew the student pass annually. Make sure that your passport validity is more than 12 months while you apply for the same. Candidates who enroll for Language Schools and Skills training centres, the department of immigration issues students with a pass validity of Twelve months or till the duration of the course you have applied for.


  • What is Multiple Entry Visa (MEV)?

    MEV is issued to allow you to make any number of journeys / entries into Malaysia.

  • How long does it take to get an entry visa from the Malaysian Embassy?

     Malaysian Embassy in your home Country will be able to give you and exact date or time you will get the entry visa, however it does not take more than 5 working days. 


  • When do I get a student pass/sticker endorsed into my passport?

    Upon your arrival in Malaysia, a post arrival medical screening will be conducted within 7 days. Your passport will be accepted by the university for arranging the student pass endorsement. From the day you submit your passport, it will take 14 working days but again it is at the discretion of the immigration department.

  • What happens if I overstay?

    There are Penalty fee which may apply, but you can speak to the university you have enrolled with to clear your overstay with the Malaysian Immigration Department. In due course you will need to apply for a special pass to ensure that you have a valid pass throughout your stay in Malaysia. 


  • Can I study on my social visit/ tourist visa?

    International students are only allowed to study full time courses in Malaysia with valid student passes from the immigration department.

  • What are the document required for Malaysian Student Visa?

    The checklist for Malaysia  Student Visa is as follows:

    • Original offer letter from the Malaysian university
    • Printout of application form duly signed.
    • Recent passport size photos with a white background
    • Complete Passport copies
    • Scanned academic documents  
    • Duly Signed health declaration form
    • A complete visa application form duly filled and signed

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