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Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons) APPLY

  Study Mode FULL TIME
  Duration 3.5 years (3 years 1 sem)
  Tution Fees N/A

3.5 years (3 years 1 sem)


  • In scope, the graduate EDU-CARER to-be begins a broad base journey that covers the development of the young child from birth to junior primary in a wide range of settings.
  • Home, family and Community
  • Care and Education Centres
  • Formal and In-Formal Learning
  • Special and Individual Needs
  • The contents of study fulfil the minimum 120 credit hours required from 36 subjects, listed in Table 2 which are integrated, spiralling around the child as the subject of study with the primary aim of facilitating the balanced overall development of children during the early formative years.
  • 26 Major ECE Courses
  • 2 ECE Free Electives
  • 1 Compulsory ECE Elective
  • 2 Workplace Practicums in Nursery and Kindergarten
  • 5 MPU Courses
  • The Honours award is determined by five criteria, which are adhered to at the commencement of the programme.
  • Credit Pass in 36 Subjects
  • Second Year Performance in 7 Subjects
  • Third Year Performance in 5 Subjects
  • Performance in Two Practicums
  • Performance in Third Year Independent Inquiry

The 30 months programme is a study of 27 courses listed, which can be done in two years in accordance with MQA approval.

26 Major ECE Courses

2 ECE Free Electives

1 Compulsory ECE Elective

2 Workplace Practicums in Nursery and Kindergarten

5 MPU Courses


  • BECE101/1 Child Development 1 (The Growing and Developing Child)
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE102/1 Early Childhood Education and Curriculum 1 (Play and Learning Experiences)
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE107/1 Observation and Assessment 1 (The Nursery Program)
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE207/1 Young Children’s Literature
    4 Credit Hours

  • BECE205/1 Young Children’s Visual Arts Program: Art and Craft
    4 Credit Hours

  • BECE103 Sociology of Education
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE104 Development of Malaysian Education
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE206 Music and Movement in Early Childhood
    4 Credit Hours

  • BECE208 Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Children
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE212 Teaching Young Children English
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE210 Managing Young Children’s Behaviours
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE308/1 Practicum 1: Nursery Experience (The 8 Weeks Teaching Practice and Workplace Experience)
    4 Credit Hours

  • BECE101/2 Child Development II (Learning Experiences and Development)
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE102/2 Early Childhood Education and Curriculum II (Purposeful Play and Preschool Program)
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE107/2 Observation and Assessment II (The Kindergarten Programme)
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE202 Mathematics in Early Childhood
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE203/1 Science and Technology in Early Childhood
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE204 Social and Environment Studies in Early Childhood
    3 Credit Hours
  • BECE213 Teaching Young Children Bahasa Malaysia
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE217/1 Physical and Health Education in Early Childhood
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE214 Teaching Young Children Chinese OR
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE215 Teaching Young Children Tamil
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE309/1 Practicum 2: Kindergarten Practice (The 8 Weeks ECCE Experience)
    4 Credit Hours

  • BECE313 ECCE Independent Inquiry (BECE Honours Project)
    6 Credit Hours

  • BECE303/1 Issues of Early Childhood Education
    4 Credit Hours

  • BECE211 Introduction to Special Education OR
    4 Credit Hours

  • BECE311 Introduction to Learning Disabilities
    4 Credit Hours

  • BECE310 Introduction to Play Therapy
    4 Credit Hours

  • BECE301 Education of the Gifted and Talented
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE302 Management of Early Childhood Programs
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE306 Parenting Young Children
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE304 School – Community Relationships OR
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE307 Globalism and Multiculturalism for Children
    3 Credit Hours

  • BECE312 ECCE Entrepreneurship
    4 Credit Hours

  • BECE216 Children’s Theatre
    4 Credit Hours

  • MPU3123 Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia(TITAS)
    3 Credit Hours

  • MPU3113 Hubungan Etnik
    3 Credit Hours

  • MPU3223 Leadership and Life Skills
    3 Credit Hours

  • MPU3363 Issues of Social Media on the Malaysian Society
    3 Credit Hours

  • MPU3432 Co-curriculum – Event Management 2
    2 Credit Hours

To reflect on the focus of the BECE (Hons) program on the qualified status of the educator and carer of young children, a range of assessment modes are carried out.

  • Esssay
  • Mid-term Test
  • Journal
  • Portfolio
  • Project
  • Inquiry
  • Trial-run
  • Practicum
  • Final Examination

Several subjects that do not have examinations are assessed by an empirical based inquiry project.

Applicants must have one of the following Entry requirements:

  • HELP Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Business, Information Technology, Foundation in Arts or Science and other equivalent


  • STPM
    Level passes in 2 subjects
  • A-Level
    with CGPA of 2.00
  • Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)
    minimum B grade in 5 subjects
  • CPU (Canadian Pre-University)
    At least 5 passes with a minimum average of 50%
  • South Australian Matriculation (SAM)/ Tertiary Entrance Education (TEE)
    A university aggregate of 50%
  • Equivalent Diploma, Foundation or Matriculation qualification


  • International Baccalaureate
    Minimum of 24 scores
  • Victorian Certificate of Education
    At least average of 50%
  • Other equivalent qualification approved/accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency.


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