Study Law in Malaysia

You will be entering an exciting field that is affluent in opportunities if you are considering to study Law from Malaysia. 

You can focus on choosing from many areas if you are planning to study Law in Malaysia. No matter wherever you are in the world, there will always be a demand for Lawyers to provide legal services to an individual, a group of people, and or an organisation. 

Studying Law at a Malaysian University will teach you the aspects of human life. It sharpens your mind and strengthens your understanding of the full range of humanities and social sciences

Duration of Law Study in Malaysia

After completing your studies in STPM/ Matriculation/ A- Levels, you will need more than 3 years to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Malaysia. After completing the Undergraduate degree you can proceed to study for the CLP ( Certification in Legal Practice) exam which will take approximately 9 months to complete. Once you have appeared for all required examinations, you will have to attend the Nine-Month Pupilage before you are certified to practice as a lawyer.

The duration of studying LLB in Malaysia University depends on whether it includes a professional year or not. In the professional year, you will have to prepare for the CLP exam, which is included in your curriculum so that students don't have to take it after they have graduated with their Bachelor's Degree from a University in Malaysia for Law. 


If you have not included the CLP exam In your course then you have to take this course up after you get your Graduate degree in Law from Malaysia. The CLP course is for one whole year, which makes your study of 4 years if included in your curriculum. 

In General, a bachelor’s degree programme is of :

  • 3 years if the programme does not include a professional year
  • 4 years if the programme includes a professional year

Cost of Bachelor's & Master's Law Degree Course in Malaysia

Just like the entry requirements, Universities charge differently for their Bachelor degrees in Malaysia. Tution Fees are much affordable in Public Universities than in Private Universities.


The price range according to the type of university is as below:

  • Public universities – RM 4,000 – 7,200
  • Private universities – RM 60,000 – 100,000

Career Opportunity of Law in  Malaysia

Other than practising law in the courtroom, lawyers can find jobs in other areas such as: 

  • Academician
  • Advocates & Solicitors
  • Attorney-General’s Chambers
  • Arbitrator
  • Company Secretary
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Forensic Investigator
  • Judiciary
  • Lecturer
  • Legal Secretary
  • Legal Writer & Editor


What are the branches of law to study in Malaysia?

The branches of Law while you study LLB in Malaysia University are as follows:

  • Maritime Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Civil Rights Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Family Law
  • Health Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Law
  • Labour Law
  • Military Law
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Tax Law

What Subjects are needed to study Law in Malaysia?

There are no mandatory subjects to study law.

If your grades in SPM  are good (or equivalent) in the following subjects, law may be right for you:

  • English
  • History

As for A-Level, STPM or equivalent, the suggested subjects are:

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