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Bioinformatics is essential for analysis and interpretation of complex and large biological datasets generated by functional studies and high throughout technologies, such as next-generation sequencing. It is used to propose the next sets of experiments and, most importantly, to derive better understanding of biological processes. Biological data and the databases storing them are increasing at an unparalleled rate. Experimental approaches to study the large data pool for knowledge discovery are time-consuming, costly and often impractical.

Through a combination of bioinformatics and experimental approaches, it is possible to select key experiments and help optimize experimental deisgn. Computer algorithms are increasingly used to speed-up the process of knowledge discovery by helping to identify critical experiments for testing hypothesis built upon the results of computational screening.

The demand for skilled bioinformaticians and researchers who are capable of the above is increasing globally at a rapid rate. Such personnel who are able to master the world of biology and computing would be the key drivers of the New Biology of tomorrow, which will be more data and precision-driven.

The Perdana University School of Data Sciences, through its two Centres for Bioinformatics and Computing, provides a nurturing environment for students to prepare themselves for entering this rapidly expanding field.

The following are the key strengths of the School in the field of bioinformatics:

  Highly qualified and published faculty with international exposure and experience

  All the faculty collectively cover a broad range of current areas of research interest in life sciences

  Success to key strategic partners from academia and industry who are throught leaders in the field

  Access to computational resources, such as HPC/Grid clusters and network of supercomputers

Through this short one-year postgraduate programme juxtaposed in between undergraduate and postgraduate MSc/PhD programmes, Perdana University aims to fill the unmet demand for competent bioinformaticians by offering this one-year Postgraduate Diploma in Bioinformatics programme. The over-arching goal of this programme is to empower bioscientists (students, researchers, and IT professionals supporting biologists) the ability to develop and/or apply innovative bioinformatics solutions to solve biological problems by providing them the foundation necessary to manage and mine the wealth of available biological data for knowledge discovery.

The programme will provide a balance between theoretical understandings and practical skills, with sufficient exposure to research pipeline, from inception and critique of ideas to communication and defense of research findings. The curriculum is designed to be directly in line with the mission of the university in training professionals to help them acquire and create knowledge, think critically and achieve their fill intellectual potential in order to better serve humanity, in accordance to the highest professional and ethical standards.



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