Penang International Dental College

Penang International Dental College


Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)   APPLY

  Study Mode
5 Years
  Tution Fees

Dentistry Course In Malaysia

 Qualification         Bachelor's Degree

 Study mode          Full-time


Five (5) years Dental Degree Programme

Year III, IV & V : PIDC, Butterworth Campus, Penang

Year I & II : Saujana Putra Campus, MAHSA University


Entry Requirements

  • A - Level:  BBB, ABC or AAC in 3 Subjects.
  • Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM):  BBB, ABC, AAC in 3 Subjects - i.e : Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics.
  • SAM / HSC / CPU / CIMP/ MUFY / UNSW: Average of 80% in any 3 Subjects - i.e : Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics.
  • 80% ATAR


Year 1

  • Anatomy - involving examining and dissecting the human body, and includes living anatomy, and the use of modern imaging techniques.
  • Physiology - covering the physiological systems which underpin the body's regulation of its internal environment and its responses to external threats. You also have related practical classes in experimental physiology and histology.
  • Molecular Medicine - looking at the molecular basis of how cells and organisms work.
  • Oral biology - Instructions in the subject of Dental Morphology, Oral Embryology, Oral Histology and Oral Physiology.

Year 2

  • Pathology - dealing with the nature and mechanisms of disease processes
  • Microbiology - To introduce the students to the exciting world of microbes. To make the students aware of various branches of microbiology, importance, significance and contribution of each branch to mankind and other fields of medicine.
  • Pharmacology - providing an understanding of the basic mechanisms of drug action at the levels of both drug-receptor interactions and the effects on body systems.
  • Dental materials – To know the principles underlying the mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of dental materials.

Year 3

  • General medicine – To recognize the manifestations of systemic diseases in the head and neck region and state the necessary investigations.
  • General surgery – The student learns about the causes and presentation of common surgical afflictions, so as to be able apply the same to dentistry.
  • Oral pathology – To study the diseases of the oral cavity and related structures including bone and salivary glands. It covers the aetiology and pathogenesis of such disease, as well as the morphological, histological, and functional changes within the tissues.

Year 4

  • Periodontics - This is the clinical specialty of dentistry that is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of functional and structural diseases of supporting tissues of teeth.
  • Pediatric dentistry is a special branch that encompasses all the branches of dentistry and its application to a child.
  • Orthodontics is a dental specialty that deals with genetic variations, growth & development of facial form. It is also concerned with the manner in which these factors affect the dental occlusion and functions of the associated craniofacial complex.
  • Oral Medicine and Radiology is a speciality of dentistry concerned mainly with diseases involving the oral and perioral structures, especially the oral mucosa, and the oral manifestations of systemic diseases. Radiology is concerned with the production and interpretation of images and data produced by all modalities of radiant energy that are used for the diagnosis and management of diseases, disorders, and conditions of the oral and maxillofacial region.
  • Community Dentistry is that branch of dentistry that is practiced in relation to population and groups, which drives from epidemiology, the organization and the application of these services for the benefit of the population. Preventive and Community dentistry forms the basis of dental health care services and holds the key for developing awareness about the social aspects of the profession and the responsibilities towards the community among all those who are engaged in this profession.

Year 5

  • Conservative Dentistry deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the teeth, here, diseased or fractured teeth are restored with restorative materials that are biologically acceptable and aesthetically pleasing. Whereas Endodontics deals with prevention and treatment of pulp and periradicular diseases and this specialty particularly strives to save an infected tooth and maintains its integrity in the dental arch. The main focus of this department is on restoring the dental health and mental wellbeing of the patient
  • Prosthodontics branch is involved in the artificial replacement of the lost dental structures to restore the function of oral cavity. The prosthesis for such replacements may be in form of removable prosthesis and known as Complete or Partial Removable Prosthesis. It is designed to provide the student the opportunity to use critical thinking skills by utilizing information learned in basic sciences, clinical disciplines, and pre-clinical laboratories to treat patients in a clinical setting. After successful completion of this “Clinical Level Programme”, the student should have a sound basic foundational knowledge and experience of prosthodontics that will enable him/her to manage prosthodontic patients with minimal supervision.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery deals with undergraduate training to assist the development of skills in diagnosis, treatment planning, and active surgical care and post operative management of minor and major maxillofacial surgery including a surgical consideration of oral neoplasm’s, TM joint problems, Oro-facial pain, salivary gland problems, facial clefts, hospital dentistry, transplantation, decision making in oral surgery and an outline of recent advances in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery.
  • General Dentistry - The purpose of this department is to bring the whole spectrum of patient care together to fully treat a patient; from treatment planning to completion regardless of needs by following a multidisciplinary approach in which Periodontic, Endodontic, minor oral surgery, operative dentistry, fixed and removable prosthodontic care are all dealt within the same clinical setting.

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