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Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Medical Biotechnology Fees Structure, Admission, Intake, Deadline

  Study Mode FULL TIME
  Duration 3 - 4 Years
Intake Deadline
July and September N/A
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Overview of Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Medical Biotechnology in International Medical University Malaysia


Science has seen mankind’s quality of life improve by leaps and bounds since the bubonic plague plunged Europe into the Dark Ages. As much as scientific progress in vaccines has resolved historically deadly diseases such as polio and others, the continual emergence of new and old diseases emphasizes the importance of medical biotechnology to improve healthcare delivery.

Throughout history, we have benefitted from these amazing discoveries; from Edward Jenner who created the world’s first vaccination for small pox, to the use of contact lenses to non-invasively monitor blood glucose in diabetic patients, and up to today where scientists have created biotechnology software to identify human faces with DNA left behind at crime scenes as well as wearable tattoos to monitor our important body functions by sending the information directly to the smartphones of our doctors.

Medical biotechnology students at IMU will learn how to contribute towards developing beneficial products to prevent and treat human diseases, learn how to communicate your findings to the general public and eventually to market your own biotechnology products and set up your own companies.

Amongst the teaching methodologies conducted in the programme include: face-to-face lectures, laboratory practicals, small group teaching (problem-based learning and tutorials), workshops, computer-aided learning (CAL), seminars, presentations, industrial visits, video reviews, internships, guided reading, and portfolio as well as original and independent research work.




An Established Private Healthcare University

An Established Private Healthcare University

IMU is Malaysia’s first and most established private medical and healthcare university with over 28 years of dedicated focus in healthcare education. IMU achieved the SETARA-2017 Tier 6 status (Outstanding) under the Mature University category.

Build Your Future Healthcare Professional Network

Build Your Future Healthcare Professional Network

As IMU offers the widest range of healthcare programmes, our students are fully immersed in a vibrant community of students and practitioners from all healthcare fields. This allows for the development of strong friendship amongst peers that will be the foundation of an extensive healthcare professional network upon graduation.

Curriculum Benchmarked to International Standards

Curriculum Benchmarked to International Standards

IMU’s Medical Biotechnology curriculum is aligned with the Malaysian biotechnology priorities and it has been developed to meet high international standards and is accepted by the University of Newcastle, Australia for credit transfer into their programme.

Exposure to Entrepreneurship

Exposure to Entrepreneurship

With enterprise management as part of the curriculum, students will be able to have a better understanding of biotechnology-related business matters which can transform their future careers.

Well-Established Rapport with BiotechnologyBased Industries and the Bioeconomy Corporation

Well-Established Rapport with BiotechnologyBased Industries and the Bioeconomy Corporation

IMU works closely with biotechnology-based industries and the bio-economy corporation for industrial attachments locally or abroad and the latest information on the industry.


Entry Requirement

Entry Requirement of Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Medical Biotechnology in International Medical University Malaysia





(including 2 Science subjects / Mathematics)


(including 2 Science subjects / Mathematics)

Australian Matriculation

65% aggregate or TER / UAI / ENTER / ATAR 75 (including 2 Science subjects / Mathematics)

NCEA Level 3

60% aggregate (including 2 Science subjects / Mathematics)

Canadian Grade 12/13

70% aggregate in 6 subjects
(including 2 Science subjects / Mathematics)

Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)

B in 5 subjects (including 2 Science subjects /

Australian University Foundation Programmes

70% aggregate or TER / UAI / ENTER / ATAR 75 or GPA 2.00 (including 2 Science subjects / Mathematics)

Indian Pre-University

Average of 70% (including 2 Science subjects / Mathematics)

Ministry of Education Matriculation *

cGPA 2.50 (including 2 Science subjects /

International Baccalaureate (IB)

26 points (including 2 Science subjects /

American High School Diploma with Advanced Placement (AP)

cGPA 2.70
(2 Science subjects must be AP

Foundation in Science #

cGPA 2.00 or 50%
(including 2 Science subjects / Mathematics) (Foundation in Biosciences / Foundation in Engineering / Foundation in Science)


BSc in related field:
cGPA 2.00


Diploma in Science (UiTM), Diploma in Microbiology (UiTM) – cGPA 2.50
Diploma in related field – cGPA 2.00

  • # The duration of this programme must be a minimum of 1 year in the same accredited institution and foundation in other disciplines are accepted.

  • Minimum credit in Mathematics, one science subject and one other subject at SPM level.  Students may be exempted from the above requirement if they achieved the same results at Pre University level.


  • Foundation in Science qualifications from other higher education institutions will be considered on a case by case basis for admission into the local IMU programmes.

  • Students with IMU Foundation in Science can apply into IMU programmes and programmes with selected credit transfer options, upon meeting the entry requirement eligibility. ** (Please refer to IMU Foundation in Science brochure for more details)


  • Pass SPM / O-Levels with minimum 5 credits in Mathematics, 2 Science subjects and 2 other subjects.
    Note: Specific SPM / O-Levels requirements may be needed for admissions into IMU programmes.



Band score of 3*


Overall band score of 5.5*


Those who opt for overseas option must achieve an overall band score of 7.0.


Overall score of 183 (CBT)/ 65 (iBT)*

Cambridge English : Advanced (CAE)

Overall score of 160* (for International students only)

Cambridge English : Proficiency (CPE)

Overall score of 180* (for International students only)

Pearson Test of English (PTE)

Overall score of 42* (for International students only)

* ONLY applicable for those who are completing the entire degree at IMU, Malaysia.


FAQ of Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Medical Biotechnology in International Medical University Malaysia


Why choose this programme?

Biotechnology applies scientific and engineering principles and practices to utilise biological resources for development of mankind. Medical Biotechnology applies the wealth of knowledge in biotechnology for the advancement of health sciences.

What is the structure of the programme?

Semester contents are available in the programme brochure [Download Brochure]

What are the key features of the programme?

  • Solid foundation in knowledge for biotechnology today and tomorrow

  • Progressive development of technical skills from Year 1 to Year 3

  • Opportunity to work in industry during internship

  • Experience in original research work in an active environment

  • Exposed to entrepreneurial skills and business communications

  • Emphasis on diagnosis and drug discovery for diseases

What are the teaching-learning approaches used?

Methods of curriculum delivery include plenaries, laboratory practicals, small group teaching (Problem based-learning and Tutorials), workshops, computer-aided learning (CAL), seminars, presentations, industrial visits, video reviews, internships, guided reading and portfolio as well as original and independent research work.

Who are the teaching staff?

The University has PhD qualified academic staff with teaching and research experience in the field of medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology.

How will I be assessed?

Students will be assessed through their class tests, practical reports, workshops, portfolios, projects, logbooks, written reports, presentations, dissertations and end-of-semester examinations.

Are there any industrial placements?

This programme has a biotechnology internship module whereby the University facilitates placement in industries related to medical biotechnology. The programme works closely with the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp) under the purview of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) in the fulfillment of the National Biotechnology Policy. BiotechCorp helps to identify the niche areas and channel our students to the appropriate industries for internship.

What is the medium of instruction?

The medium of instruction is English. Students who come from a system of education in which the medium of instruction is not English are strongly recommended to improve their proficiency in English by making their own arrangements to attend additional English Language classes before entering the IMU.

What are the semester contents?

Semester contents are available in the programme brochure [Download Brochure]

Who will award the degree?

The Bachelor of Science (Hons) Medical Biotechnology degree is awarded by IMU. Those who transfer to the partner university will be awarded with a degree from the partner university.

What sort of jobs/careers can be undertaken with this degree?

Medical biotechnologists can be employed in R&D departments/ quality control divisions/commercial divisions of pharmaceutical, fermentation and food science industries. This area of expertise can also be utilised in agricultural, supplementary diets, healthcare technology and environmental industries, hospitals, universities/ colleges and writing/journalism. In Malaysia, employment opportunities can be found in both public and private hospitals and universities, research organisations like PORIM, SIRIM, CARIF, INFORMM, IMR amongst others or multinationals like GSK, Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca and a plethora of public-listed companies in the agrobio industry. Employment opportunities are also available abroad, for example in neighbouring Singapore, Australia, Europe and United States of America where the biotechnology industry is critically in need of a skilled work force.




  • Innovative drugs – development of various medicines, vaccines and diagnostics

  • Diagnostics – diagnostic and detection kits for AIDS, hepatitis, Nipah virus, SARS etc

  • Gene therapy and stem cell research


  • DNA fingerprinting for crime solving

  • Paternity identification


  • Human Genome Project

  • Rice Genome Project

Industrial & environment

  • Production of industrial enzymes, biopesticides, bioherbicides and biofertilisers.

  • Treatment of hazardous wastes (e.g. heavy metals) in the environment

  • Development of waste bioremediation process

  • Developing new products and processes for the manufacture of food


  • Molecular marker-assisted breeding

  • Using genetic engineering and genome mapping (trying to locate genes to improve crop production or crop resistance to pests and diseases)

  • Plants producing pharmaceuticals & plants with value added traits – high sugar tomato, vitamins enriched rice, canola with improved oils etc

When do I apply for a place at IMU?

You can apply as soon as you have your forecast or actual results.

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