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Doctor of Philosophy in Communication

  Level PHD
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Overview of Doctor of Philosophy in Communication in University of Islamic Sciences Malaysia Malaysia

At present, communication field is a systematic and professional area practiced in developed countries. It is an area that influences the society’s lifestyle and values. This programme is offered to enhance and manage Islamic knowledge in communication field especially in broadcasting and journalism.

It is hoped to produce knowledgeable professionals in communication field that will expand the teachings of Islam by opening room for researchers and educators to study, research and spread knowledge in the respective field.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Communication programme is offered by research mode of study.


The Doctor of Philosophy in Communication programme is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To produce postgraduates with strong Islamic and communication knowledge to carry out broadcasting, journalism and production duties;
  • To produce efficient human resource and researcher that can provide maknawi and maddi contribution to the development of community and nation especially in broadcasting, journalism and advertising.


  1. Students are required to pass the compulsory courses in research methodology and data analysis.
  2. Students are required to sit and pass the qualifying test before they can continue writing their thesis. The qualifying test is an examination of a research proposal presented in front of the qualifying test committee members. Should the students fail in their first attempt, they are allowed to retake the test once.
  3. Students are required to write a thesis in not more than 100,000 words and not less than 60,000 words (excluding footnotes, data collection, appendices, formulas, tables, diagrams, bibliographies, etc.).
  4. Students will be placed under a supervision of a supervisor/main supervisor and co-supervisor/supervisory committee members appointed by the Dean of Centre for Graduate Studies. The faculty will determine the appointment of supervisors.
  5. The thesis of each student will be examined by at least 3 examiners in which 2 of them are external examiners. A viva voce session will be conducted whereby the student defends his/her thesis in front of viva voce committee members.
  6. Students are required to publish at least 1 paper in a refereed journal and present at least 2 papers in a recognized conference or seminar.
  7. The duration for full time studies is from 6 to 8 semesters, whereas for part time studies is from 8 to 10 semesters.


  1. A relevant Master’s degree by Coursework or Mixed Mode with a minimum CGPA of 2.75/4.00 or equivalent from the University or any other institutions of higher learningrecognised by the Senate; or
  2. A relevant Master’s degree by Research recognised by the Senate; or
  3. Other relevant qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree AND with relevant professional experience recognised by the Senate; or
  4. Incumbent Master’s degree Student who has fulfilled the requirement of Regulations 8.0 and is approved by the JKPSU and the consent of the Senate to convert his/her study to a Ph.D. degree; or
  5. In case the CGPA does not meet the requirement, the selection will subject to a rigorous internal assessment by the faculty along with an endorsement by the Senate.

Note: 1-year work experience is equivalent to 0.05 CGPA


 An applicant shall show evidence of proficiency in the English language based on the following criteria: 

  1. TOEFL minimum score of 180 (computer-based) or 64 (internet-based); or
  2. IELTS minimum score of Band 5; or
  3. MUET minimum score of Band 3; or
  4. graduated from institutions that use English as the main medium of instruction, AND will be required to seat for University English Proficiency Test (UEPT) with minimum score of Band 3; or
  5. graduated in the field of Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL), English Language Studies (ELS) and equivalent from a university recognised by the Senate; or
  6. a native speaker of English.

(2)  Research-mode applicant who intends to write his/her thesis in Arabic will be required to fulfil the criteria as follows:

  1. TOEFL minimum score of 150 (computer-based) or 52 (internet-based); or
  2. IELTS minimum score of Band 4; or
  3. MUET minimum score of Band 2; or
  4. UEPT minimum score of Band 2.

(3)  An applicant who does not fulfil any of the criteria under (1) & (2) will be allowed to register conditionally and is required to fulfil any of the criteria under (1) or (2), within 12 months (for Master’s students) and 24 months (for Ph.D. students).


Lecturer; Media entrepreneur; Media specialist; Ambassadorial Aide; Writer; Consultant; Editor; Author; Advisor; Market Researcher; Regional Headquarters Branch Manager; Corporate media executive; Media and communication coordinator; Strategic communication officer; Brand marketing officer; Research writer

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