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Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) with Honours

  Study Mode FULL TIME
  Duration 4 YEARS
Intake Deadline

Overview of Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) with Honours in University of Malaysia Pahang UMP Malaysia

We offer an exciting course in computer science with specializationin software engineering. This is a four year undergraduate programme which prepares graduates to embark on alifelong journey in designing computing systems and applications for a smarter world. After completing this program, the graduates will be able to apply core knowledge of computer science on programming, database, system and network as well as artificial intelligence and mathematics for solving real-world problems. During the study, students are exposed with the skills to design and conduct system development through series of workshops. They are also equipped with comprehensive skills covering software/system lifecycle while completing their elective courses. Embedding professional certification and international recognition into selective courses proves the quality of our academic curriculum while enhancing our graduates' employability.


 PEO1 To produce knowledgeable and skilled graduates to work in any organization, whether national, multi-national, government agencies or as techno entrepreneurs in ICT-related fields, particularly in the field of Software Engineering.
 PEO2  To produce graduates who are able to practice high professional ethical values.


No MQF Program Learning Outcome
PO1 Knowledge Of Discipline Areas Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the theory and principles of Computer Science specializing in Software Engineering.
PO2 Practical Skills Apply appropriate techniques, skills and tools in computer science practices specializing in Software Engineering.
PO3 Problem Solving And Scientific Skills Identify problems and produce innovative solutions that comply with principles of Computer Science specializing in Software Engineering.
PO4 Communication Skills Communicate effectively within a wide range of audiences and context through oral and written skills.
PO5 Social Skills And Responsibilities Demonstrate social skills and responsibilities in recognition and acceptance of individual and cultural diversity.
PO6 Information Management And Lifelong Learning Skills Research, explore, learn and use new computer technology for continuing study and lifelong learning.
PO7 Managerial And Entrepreneurial Skills Apply managerial and technopreneurial skills that fulfil the requirements of respective field.
PO8 Value, Attitudes And Professionalism Demonstrate behaviours that are consistent with professional standards and ethical responsibilities.
PO9 Leadership Skills Function effectively as an individual and in a group with the capability to be a leader or manager.


Semester 1
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Law
  • Accounting I - Financial Accounting
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Technical Mathematics
  • Deutsche Sprache I
  • Islamic and Asian Civilizations
  • Soft Skills I
  • CoQ – I

Semester 2
  • Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Accounting II - Cost Accounting
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Technical Design / CAD
  • Calculus
  • Deutsche Sprache II
  • Soft Skills II
  • Ethnic Relations
  • CoQ-II

Semester 3
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • Deutsche Sprache (Intensive)

Semester 4
  • Corporate Finance & Investment
  • Quality Management
  • ERP Systems & Business
  • Process Management
  • Applied Statistics
  • Elective (Business) I
  • Deutsche Sprache III
  • Technopreneurship

Semester 5
  • Individual Field Project
  • CSR Project
  • Cross Module Seminar I
  • Deutsche Sprache IV

Semester 6
  • Operations Research
  • Supply Chain Management
  • International Transport Logistics
  • Elective (Engineering) I
  • Elective (Business) II
  • Elective (Business) III
  • Global Competencies

Semester 7
  • Industrial Training
  • Industrial Training – Report

Semester 8
  • Elective (Business) IV
  • Elective (Business) V
  • Elective (Business) VI
  • Elective (Engineering) II
  • Elective (Engineering) III
  • Elective (Engineering) IV

Semester 9
  • Individual Study Project (ISP)
  • Thesis
  • Cross Module Seminar II


Bachelor of Business Engineering with Honours (Collaboration programme with HsR, Germany)

Business Engineering graduates will be equipped with both business engineering knowledge and the skills required in innovating business practices. Some of the careers you can pursue with a Bachelor of Business Engineering with Honours degree include:

• Production Executives / Engineer
• Production Planner / Controller
• Process Engineering Engineer
• Industrial Engineer
• Logistics Executives
• Supply Chain Executives / Officer
• Procurement Officer
• Business Development Executives
• Quality Executives / Engineer
• Project Executives
• Other relevant employment areas

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