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Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) Material Technology Fees Structure, Admission, Intake, Deadline

  Study Mode FULL TIME
  Duration 4 years
Intake Deadline
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Overview of Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) Material Technology in University of Malaysia Pahang UMP Malaysia

The Material Technology Program is FIST’s third landmark undergraduate program which is in its third year now. Its offering is being closely guided by the academic members as well as input from industries to ensure relevance. Proficient teaching is paramount to ensure quality and effective delivery of the program. While recognizing teaching the undergraduates as their primary duties and responsibilities, the faculty members have demonstrated substantial activities and significant achievements in research and postgraduate supervision.


 PEO1 Synthesize materials and apply the laboratory experiences thereby providing quality products and services to the government agencies and to the materials science and  technology industries locally and globally. 
 PEO2 Communicate effectively in leading and engaging multidisciplinary teams while solving materials-related problems locally and globally. 
 PEO3 Advance their knowledge and skills for the advancement of related fields and explore business opportunities in the materials science technology industries locally and globally. 
PEO4 Integrate ethical and professional values in managing and providing services to the recipients and provider of the materials science technology industrie


No MQF Program Learning Outcome
PO1   Demonstrate and apply comprehensive knowledge on material science and technology.
PO2   Safely synthesize materials and operate a range of advanced machineries and laboratory instruments. 
PO3   Identify problems and formulate creative and innovative solutions. 
PO4   Communicate effectively orally and in writing with learning communities and the public. 
PO5   Effectively engage in a multi-disciplinary team. 
PO6   Practice empathy, responsibilities, integrity, and professionalism in their endeavors.
PO7   Manage information and engage in life-long learning. 
PO8   Apply managerial and entrepreneurial skills. 
PO9   Demonstrate leadership characteristics
Year 1
  •  Mechatronics and Thermodynamics
  •  Electricity, Magnetism & Optics
  •  Physics Lab
  •  Programming Technique
  •  Applied Calculus
  •  Organic Chemistry
  •  Inorganic Chemistry
  •  Chemistry Lab
  •  Physical Chemistry
  •  Applied Statistics
  •  Industry Safety Management

Year 2
  •  Material Science and Technology
  •  Material Characterization
  •  Material Science and Solid State Lab
  •  Solid State Physics
  •  Industry Quality Management
  •  Colloid and Surface Science
  •  Rheology
  •  Rheology and Colloid Lab
  •  Metals and Alloys
  •  Principle of Operation Management

Year 3
  •  Polymers
  •  Polymers and Composite Lab
  •  Composites
  •  Metal and Ceramic Lab
  •  Ceramics
  • Failure Analysis
  •  Corrosion
  •  Advanced Material Lab
  •  Final Year Project I
  •  Elective I
  •  Elective II

Year 4
  •  Material Selection and Processing
  •  Elective III
  •  Elective IV
  •  Final Year Project II
  •  Industrial Training


  • Academician
  • Application engineer
  • Compounding engineer
  • Material Technologist
  • Material analyst
  • Manufacturing officer
  • Marketing and Sales Personnel
  • Production engineer
  • Packaging development engineer
  • QA/QC executive
  • Research / Science Officer
  • Technopreneur
  • Any related positions.

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