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Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)   APPLY

  Study Mode FULL TIME
  Duration 5 years
  Tution Fees N/A

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences conducts a six-year undergraduate educational programme leading to the degree of ‘Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery’, MBBS (USIM) to its successful candidates. Basically, the program is divided into two equal phases, namely, pre-clinical and clinical phases with Islamic input integrated throughout the six-year program. The courses are designed to help students develop the requisite knowledge base and rationale they will need for clinical patient care.

The Medical Program of the faculty spans over a period of 6 years. The majority of the students will be from Pusat Tamhidi USIM, which conducts a one-year Medical Matriculation program. The academic session in each year is divided into two semesters. There are 15 weeks of academic session in each semester in year 1 and year 2 and 16 weeks per semester in year 3.The duration of each semester in the clinical phase (year 4,5 and 6) depends on the duration of the postings.



(1) Pass the Medical, Dental and Science Tamhidi program with a minimum CGPA of 3.50 and above;


(2) Obtained at least a CGPA of 3.00 at the Tamhidi level in each of the following subjects:

  • Biology;
  • Chemistry;
  • Physics or Mathematics.


(3) Obtained at least Grade B at SPM level in the following subjects:

  • Biology;
  • Chemistry;
  • Physics;
  • Mathematics or Additional Mathematics;
  • Any ONE (1) other subject.


(4) Obtained at least Level 3 (Band 3) in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET);


(5) Pass the interview screening;


(6) All applicants shall declare if they have been found:

  • guilty of a criminal offense;
  • have a serious physical or mental illness; and / or
  • serious infectious diseases that may have an impact on their future medical practice.


(7) A person who has one of the following is not eligible for a medical program:

  • found guilty in offenses involving the human body;
  • distrust whether serious or new, for example cheating during exams, forgery of documents, plagiarism;
  • serious physical or mental illness;
  • serious infectious diseases.

Failure to declare information that has an influence on the appropriateness of students in medical practice may result in termination of further studies due to honesty, integrity and good health are important characteristics of a physician and medical student.

  1. Senior High School / Senior Secondary School / other equivalent pre-university examinations from government schools (with the period of at least 11 to 12 years of study from primary to higher secondary); OR
  2. General Certificates of Education (GCE) ‘A’ Level / Diploma in related fields or other equivalent pre-university examinations; OR
  3. Any other certificate that is recognized by the senate of the university as equivalent to the above; AND
  4. Specific entry requirements based on programmes; AND
  5. Credit in one (1) Islamic Studies subject at O Level / A Level / equivalent; AND
  6. Fulfilled English Language Proficiency Requirement; AND
  7. Fulfilled Arabic Language Proficiency Requirement.


Applicants shall show evidence of proficiency in ENGLISH LANGUAGE* based on the following criteria:

  • minimum score in Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 437 (PBT)/equivalent; or
  • Band 4 in International English Language Testing System (IELTS); or
  • Band 2 in Malaysian University English Test (MUET); or
  • Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) equivalence; or
  • successfully completed full time secondary or tertiary studies or equivalent qualification where the language of instruction and assessment was in English; or
  • native speakers of English

Applicants shall show evidence of proficiency in ARABIC LANGUAGE based on the following criteria:

  • Credit in Arabic Language at O-Level/equivalent or A-Level/equivalent
  • successfully completed full time secondary or tertiary studies or equivalent qualification where the language of instruction and assessment was in Arabic; or
  • native speaker of Arabic; or
  • pass University Arabic Placement Test (UAPT) conducted by the University

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