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Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Fees Structure, Admission, Intake, Deadline

  Duration FULL TIME : 4 yrs, PART TIME: 6 yrs
Intake Deadline


Overview of Bachelor of Chemical Engineering in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Malaysia

Chemical engineering is a field that is expanding widely through out the world. The expertise is greatly needed to fulfill the demand for carrying the task that cannot be performed by the mechanical engineers and chemists. This fields has matured and currently covers many aspects of engineering such as systems design and processing of agricultural products, petroleum and petrochemicals, polymers, pharmaceuticals, bio-fuel, biochemical and many more. In the current state of the world, where resources are limited and sustainable development is a major challenge, the requirement for expertise in chemical engineering is even more crucial. In addition to fundamental fields such as science and mathematics, humanities and social sciences and basic engineering, there are four major areas in the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering course, These are separation technology, reaction engineering, environmental engineering and process systems engineering.


PEO 1 – Perform competently in chemical/ petroleum/ bioprocess/ gas/ nuclear Industries and become important contributors to national development.

PEO 2 – Become creative, innovative and adaptable engineers as leaders or team members in their organizations and society.

PEO 3 – Contribute professionally towards the environmental well-being and sustainable development.

PEO of School of Chemical and Energy Engineering (SCEE): 2005-2016


Matriculation or STPM with minimum of B- in Mathematics/ Additional Mathematics/ Further Additional Mathematics, Chemistry/ Engineering Chemistry and Physics/ Engineering Physics/ Biology with CPA 3.00 and not  physically handicapped which makes him/her unable to conduct experimental/ practical work.


Chemical engineers are universal engineers, who are versatile and capable of performing many types of tasks.  They can be assigned in various sectors of industries including banking, insurance, administration and business. However, many are working in the industry as production and process engineers, maintenance engineers and project engineer. With their ability spanning these three important aspects, many chemical engineers have been promoted to the position of plant manager, which manages the whole processing plant.  The industrial sectors that need many chemical engineers are petroleum and petrochemicals, palm oil and oleo chemicals, rubber and plastics, pharmaceuticals and medicine, food and electronics. Here the chemical engineers’ job is to ensure the design and the operation is carried out in an optimum condition, economical, safe as well as environmentally friendly manner.

With rapid development in the process industry, the need for chemical engineers in sectors supporting the industry is also becoming more important. For example, the demand for chemical engineers in banking and insurance industry is increasing. A chemical   engineer is needed in the management and marketing of raw materials, products and main equipment and  instrumentation, which are related to the processing industry. Many engineering consulting companies are also opened and this gives more career opportunities for the newly graduating chemical engineers.

Chemical engineers are needed in semi-government sectors such as in MIDA and the Department of Environment. They are also desired in research institutions such as in MPOB, MARDI and RRI.  In institutions of higher learning, chemical engineers with PhDs are highly in demand.

For students in the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering program, the tendency towards any specific industry can be fulfilled by choosing the right optional subjects. This will provide them with additional suitable expertise for the industry.

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