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Diploma in Medical Assistant Fees Structure, Admission, Intake, Deadline

  Study Mode FULL TIME
  Duration 3 years
Intake Deadline


Overview of Diploma in Medical Assistant in Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Diploma in Medical Assistant is an undergraduate programme that aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitude to enable them to practice as a Medical Assistant or Assistant Medical Officer. The teaching-learning activity is geared into substantially describing and discovering how the different human system work, e.g. cardiovascular, respiratory etc., relating cellular and molecular to whole-body aspects of both normal and diseased states. Upon graduating the programme, the graduates would be able to understand, diagnose, treat simple ailment, caring and curing in wellness and disease.

This professional programme provides you with a wide carrier pathway into a medical profession in the Malaysian healthcare sector as an Assistant Medical Officer. You will be introduced to medical science subjects and clinical placement in government hospital and health clinic. A bright future awaits graduates in both public and private hospitals or other healthcare organizations in Malaysia.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO 1
    To produce graduates who are knowledgeable, competent, technically-skilled and competitive in medical and health science at national and international levels.
  • PEO 2
    To produce graduates who are able to contribute effectively in the community.
  • PEO 3
    To produce graduates who practice professionalism with ethics and social responsibilities.
  • PEO 4
    To produce graduates with ICT and entrepreneurial capabilities.
  • PEO 5
    To produce graduates who are committed to lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Majors in medical assistant will be able to:

  • PLO 1
    1. Conduct a holistic, safe, competent and comprehensive care intervention according to patient safety requirements and regulations.
    2. Apply knowledge and skills to ensure safety and health in workplaces and community.
    3. Plan and recommend preventive and corrective measures in patient and staff safety and health.
  • PLO 2
    Comply with the legal, ethical principles and professional code of conduct of the medical assistant.
  • PLO 3
    Demonstrate sensitivity, respect and responsibility towards religion, community, culture and environment.
  • PLO 4
    1. Identify health problems and needs at individual, group and community based on relevant epidemiological, environmental, behavioural and socio-cultural perspectives.
    2. Develop plan care of intervention, patient education, promotion, prevention and rehabilitation incorporating critical and lateral thinking to prevent undue health problems.
    3. Demonstrate appropriate assessment techniques and interpret findings.
    4. Formulate, prescribe, monitor and re-evaluate patient assessment and treatment plans throughout the course of treatment.
    5. Recognise emergency events, complications and refer appropriately.
  • PLO 5
    1. Communicate, collaborate and disseminate information effectively with peers, other healthcare professionals, scholarly community, stakeholders and the society at large
    2. Present information or findings coherently either in verbal or written forms with patients, their family and care provider.
  • PLO 6
    1. Inculcate evidence-based scientific principles in discussing ideas of improvement in patient care, safety and health.
    2. Participate in research activities related to medical and health sciences and present the information and findings coherently.
    3. Recognise health care problems to assist in providing solutions.
    4. Implement policies, regulations and guidelines and make recommendations for improvement where necessary.
  • PLO 7
    Apply skills and principles of lifelong learning in academic and career development.
  • PLO 8
    1. Describe, interpret, demonstrate and apply technical and scientific knowledge and skills in enhancing patient care, prompt and accurate documentation.
    2. Demonstrate problem solving, critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills
    3. Perform extended and expanded role, validate and refer findings competently.
    4. Provide progressive, innovative and creative ideas and strategies to address challenges and concerns within the profession.
  • PLO 9
    1. Assist in advance medical and health care procedures
    2. Continuous updating of latest technical competencies
  • PLO 10
    Coordinate and manage health care activities effectively with managerial and entrepreneurship skills.
  • PLO 11
    1. Conduct, evaluate and implement health promotion programmes and activities related to medical and health sciences.
    2. Collaborate and communicate effectively with other healthcare professionals and the community on medical and health care in sustaining optimum health.
  • PLO 12
    Counsel patients in a caring, emphatic and culturally-sensitive manner.
  • PLO 13
    1. Demonstrate capacity building through excellent leadership and teamwork
    2. Plan, manage and execute quality management system and Best Practices
  • PLO 14
    1. Identify technical errors, perform troubleshooting and execute problem solving protocols
    2. Incorporate problem-solving principles and evidence-based practice in decision making of patient/client management.


Graduates of this diploma may find employment as:

  • Government servant in hospital, health clinic, prison, detention centers (Pusat Serenti), PLKN or folks home.
  • Private sector such as offshore oil rigs (eg: Petronas/ Shell), estate plantation (eg: Guthrie)
  • Private specialist hospital
  • Tutors in MA Training colleges
  • Tutors in any health related education programmes.

Graduates will also be able to pursue further studies in Health Studies, Health Education and any health related fields.


Courses of Diploma in Medical Assistant in Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Semester 1

  • Anatomy & Physiology 1
  • Bioscience
  • Mircrobiology & Parasitology
  • Islamic Practice in Malaysia
  • Malaysian Studies 2
  • Behavioral Science
  • Professional Development
  • Competency English
  • Introduction to Techno-Entrepreneurship

Semester 2

  • Anatomy & Physiology 2
  • Medical 1
  • Surgical 1
  • Community Health 1
  • Nursing Science 1
  • Clinical Pharmacology 1
  • Communication English 1
  • Mandarin 1

Semester 3

  • Medical 2
  • Surgical 2
  • Emergency Medicine 1
  • Community Health 2
  • Nursing Science 2
  • Pharmacology 2
  • Mandarin 2

Semester 4

  • Orthopedic
  • Emergency Medicine 2
  • Community Preventive Medicine
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Research Methodology
  • Communication English 2
  • Co-curriculum (Community Service)

Semester 5

  • Clinical Emergency Department 1
  • Clinical Orthopedic
  • Clinical Ophthalmology
  • Clinical ENT
  • Clinical Psychiatric
  • Labour Room

Semester 6

  • Emergency Department 2
  • Community Health 1
  • Community Health 2
  • Operation Theater



  • Pass SPM Or it is equivalent to 5 credits in the following subjects; Bahasa Malaysia; and 2 credits in Science and Mathematics subjects (Biology/Chemistry/General Science/Mathematics/Additional Mathematics). Priority is given to those with 1 credit in Science subject and 1 credit in Mathematics subject; and 2 credits in any other subjects; and Pass English (Priority is given to those with credit in English)
  • GCE O Level or equivalent with 5 credits in the following subjects: Two (2) from Science or Mathematics subjects (Biology/Chemistry/General Science/ Mathematics/Additional Mathematics); and Three (3) from any other subjects; and Pass in English; and Malaysia citizen are required to pass in Bahasa Malaysia at Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia level for the purposes of registration with MAB
  • Health Status; All selected student are confirmed in a good health status by a registered physician and free from; Mental Disorder, Physical and sensory defect,Contagious Disease (HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis B and C and etc), Epilepsy, Genetic Disease, Drugs abuse.


Student must complete 11 years of schooling and obtain general pass in their Secondary School Certificate, O-levels or equivalent with min Grade C in Math, English, one science/vocational/technical subject and 2 other subjects.
IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.

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