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Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons.) Fees Structure, Admission, Intake, Deadline

  Study Mode FULL TIME
  Duration 4 Years
  Intake MAR,SEPT


Overview of Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons.) in KPJ Healthcare University College Malaysia

Physiotherapy is a science-based profession and help people affected with injury, illness or disability through movement, exercise, manual therapy, and advice to enabling people to remain independent for as long as possible. Physiotherapy is a degree-based healthcare profession and a rewarding career working in public and private hospitals, health centres, sports medicine clinics, maternity hospitals, rehabilitation centres, aged-care facilities and private practices, as well as in health promotion, education, management and research.

Get the best physiotherapy training and equip yourself in one of the most versatile and in-demand of the healthcare professions, with the KPJ Healthcare University College.

The KPJUC gives you a high-quality academic education and clinical intensive at the KPJ group of Hospitals. You will learn from highly competenced and experienced Physiotherapists who are skilled in physiotherapy related care, education and research. You will acquire the knowledge and skills you need to practice as a physiotherapist, using exercise, movement analysis, manual therapy techniques and electro physical modalities in order to restore, improve and promote people health.

The course will prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities, working independently or as part of a team of healthcare professionals. The focus of the early part of the course is on the conditions for which people typically seek physiotherapy care. In the later years you move to the clinical setting, where your knowledge and skills are put to practice in the delivery of physiotherapy services under the supervision of experienced physiotherapists. This clinical training will be conducted at the KPJ group of hospitals.

Career Prospects

Career Prospects of Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons.) in KPJ Healthcare University College Malaysia

Physiotherapists are trained professionals working in health care. The job of a physical therapist is preventive, restorative and rehabilitative. Physiotherapy is a wide and varied profession with plenty of opportunities for advancing your future. Further into their career, a physiotherapist may choose to specialise in a particular area which they are passionate about, such as sports injuries or elderly care.

Programme Structure

Programme Structure of Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons.) in KPJ Healthcare University College Malaysia


Human Anatomy & Physiology - 1 (BPT 1013)

Psychology (BPT 1022)

English for Health Professional (ENG 1103)

Kinesiology - 1 (BPT 1043)

Intro to Computer Application (ELE 3103*)

Arabic Language (ELE 4103*)

Physiotherapeutic Skills - 1 (BPT 1054)

Pathology (BPT 1062)

Neuroscience (BPT 1072)

Biomechanics (BPT 1083)

Human Anatomy & Physiology - 2 (BPT 1093)

Kinesiology - 2 (BPT 1103)

Physiotherapeutic skills - 2 (BPT 1114)

Electrotherapy - 1 (BPT 1123)

Hubungan Etnik (MPU 3113)

Electrotherapy - 2 (BPT 2143)

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy - 1 (BPT 2153)

Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy - 1 (BPT 2163)

Patient Care in Physiotherapy (BPT 2173)

Tamadun Islam dan Asia (TITAS) (MPU 3123)

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy - 2 (BPT 2203)

Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy - 2 (BPT 2213)

Neurology Physiotherapy - 1 (BPT 2223)

Pharmacology for Physiotherapy (BPT 2232)

Clinical Practice - 1 (BPT 2246)

Kemahiran Keusahawanan (MPU 3232)

Neurology Physiotherapy - 2(BPT 3263)

Physiotherapy in Women Health (BPT 3273)

Personal Professional Development (BPT 3282)

Clinical Reasoning and Evidence Based (BPT 3292)

Introduction to Biostatistics (BPT 3302)

Physiotherapy in Paediatrics (BPT 3322)

Research Methodology (BPT 3333)

Kerajaan dan Dasar Awam (MPU 3312)

Sport Physiotherapy (BPT 3352)

Clinical Practice - 2(BPT 3368)

Physiotherapy in Gerontology (BPT 4382)

Spinal Care Rehabilitation (BPT 4392)

Occupational Health (BPT 4402)

Clinical Practice - 3 (BPT 4418)

Community Service (MPU 3412)

Research Project (BPT 4426)

Clinical Practice - 4 (BPT 44310)

Entry Requirement

Entry Requirement of Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons.) in KPJ Healthcare University College Malaysia

Malaysian students:

  • * Obtained MUET ≥ band 3 or IELTS (≥ 5.5) or TOEFL
  • Pass Matriculation/ Pre-University/ STPM Programme/ equivalent qualification GPA ≥ 2.33 in 2 following subjects:
  • Biology/Physics/Mathematics/Chemistry
  • A-level/equivalent ≥ Grade D in 2 following subjects:
  • Biology/Physics/Mathematics/Chemistry
  • Recognised Diploma ≥ 2.75 in related field;
  • Recognised Diploma
  • CGPA < 2.75 in related field with ≥ 3 years working experience in the related field.

*English requirement is exceptional to students who underwent Diploma program taught in English.


International Students:

Similar as Malaysian candidate, AND must possess IELTS ≥ 5.5 or TOEFL ≥ 550 or equivalent.

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