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MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation APPLY

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Entrepreneurship and innovating play a pivotal role in helping business of any size to be highly competitive as well as to grow exponentially with over 260 million people unemployed in the world today, the importance of entrepreneurship cannot be taken lightly anymore. The main aim of the MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation is to help create new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial graduates.

Developing countries aspiring to become high income nations need to harness the full potential of the small and medium enterprises, (SMEs) sectors including microenterprises. The SME sector is expected to expand its role from being just an enabler of growth to become a key driver of growth and a significant contributor to balanced and inclusive growth. The main channels through which this transformation would take place would be through productivity gains and innovation-led growth and expanding the pool of knowledge-intensive and innovative SMEs. Innovation and Entrepreneurship focuses on developing knowledge, skills and understanding of how an innovative idea, product or process can be used to form a new successful business, or to help an existing firm to grow and expand. By studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation one develops an essential understanding and knowledge of how to test whether an innovative idea, product or processes will be demanded by customers, how to finance start-up ventures and innovation projects, and how to sell and market new products and services into national an international market places.

Programme Aim

The primary aim of this programme is to equip graduate students with advanced knowledge and skills necessary to assess and implement new ideas, conceive, create and nurture new enterprises, develop entrepreneurial management practices and create supportive environment that foster and enable innovation. The secondary object is to provide student with an entrepreneurial orientation and knowledge to develop create skills necessary to plan and begin a venture, and appreciate the vital role that innovative entrepreneurs play in our society and economy.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this programme, the student will be able:-

  • To distinguish between the multidisciplinary approaches to the fields of innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship, and identify the driving forces of new innovative venture success.
  • To develop business start-ups, lead innovation and creative agenda in established organizations as well as start-up their own business as innovative entrepreneurs.
  • To examine and analyze issues related to intellectual property protection for specific new products
  • To develop the creative mind-set, innovation capabilities and the leadership skills to become a corporate entrepreneurial leader in an international environment.
  • To prepare graduates for position as creative analysts in entrepreneurship and innovation minded corporations
  • To become researches and consultants in a wide spectrum of career fields.

Areas of Research

  • Entrepreneurship in innovative industries.
  • Organization change at Innovative Entrepreneurial firms.
  • Governance and management of innovative enterprises.
  • Strategies of commercializing technological innovation.
  • Entrepreneurial finance, venture capital and private equity industry.
  • Start-up innovation.
  • Entrepreneurial innovation.
  • Entrepreneurial accountability.
  • Entrepreneurial venture.
  • Innovation process in various industries.

Entry Requirements

  1. A recognized bachelor degree or equivalent and
  2. Proficiency in English (IELTS score of 6.0 or more). Alternatively you may enroll with the Binary University’s English Language Centre, the level of entry will depend on the placement test results.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation plays a critical role in the myriad of industries that cut across the various sectors of the economy and industries which are creative and innovative have competitive advantage over those which are not. Innovative is a critical component of entrepreneurship in that enterprises that are innovative in nature can venture into new areas and carve a niche of themselves and compete globally.

Career opportunities abound for those who have in-depth knowledge and research skills in areas of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It is predicated that there will be an increase in demand for entrepreneurship that is knowledge and research based and this will create ample employment opportunities for students who have this expertise. For example student can work in companies that focus on research and development like information technology, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, biotechnology and bio-medicine. In addition student can work in consultancy firms, Research institution and universities.

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